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VetMAX™ African Swine Fever Virus Detection Kit

Catalog number:  A28809

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The VetMAX African Swine Fever Virus Detection Kit is a single-well duplex real-time PCR for the detection of African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) DNA in serum, whole blood, and tissue samples of pigs using TaqMan primer and probes.

This kit enables detection in individual samples or pools of up to 10 samples.

The kit is sensitive and specific for the detection of ASFV DNA, allowing for reliable and rapid screening during outbreaks and monitoring situations. It has been validated by the European Union Reference Laboratory.The kit has been used since 2015 during outbreaks in Eastern Europe for clinical sign confirmation and detection of domestic and wild pigs affected by ASFV.

The kit includes:
• A ready-to-use master mix for the detection of the ASFV target and the internal positive control
• A positive control for ASFV
• An internal positive control

For Veterinary Use Only.


GC-Rich PCR Performance: Low
PCR Method: qPCR, RT-PCR
Product Line: VetMAX
Product Type Specs: African Swine Fever Virus Detection Kit

Contents & storage

Store at -10 to -30°C.