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Ion Torrent™

Ion AmpliSeq™ Kit for Chef DL8

Catalog number: A29024
Ion Torrent™

Ion AmpliSeq™ Kit for Chef DL8

Catalog number: A29024
Catalog Number
Unit Size
32 reactions
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Catalog NumberUnit SizePrice (USD)Quantity
A2902432 reactions
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The Ion AmpliSeq™ Kit for Chef DL8 is designed for use with the Ion Chef™ System for automation of Ion AmpliSeq library construction. The kit offers:

• Simplest workflow for targeted sequencing library preparation using 1 or 2 pool Ion AmpliSeq panel designs*
• Low input
• Easy-to-use cartridge format with reagent barcoding for full reagent tracking
• Proven performance of Ion AmpliSeq technology, compatible with DNA extracted from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue and other challenging sources

*See for custom 1-2 pool panels. Note that some panels (e.g., Transcriptome, Cancer Hotspot, Oncomine BRCA, Pharmacogenomics) have been prepared in an Ion Chef-ready kit by incorporating the respective ready-made primer pool with the DL8 kit.

Leveraging the automation capabilities of the Ion Chef System, the Ion AmpliSeq Kit for Chef DL8 enables the reproducible preparation of Ion AmpliSeq amplicon libraries, with less than 15 minutes of hands-on time and only 3 liquid transfer steps. Compatible with 1- and 2-pool Ion AmpliSeq panel designs, the kit automates the preparation of libraries from 8 samples in a single run, delivering a single tube of pooled libraries ready for downstream templating and sequencing. The kit provides sufficient material for the preparation of 32 libraries (4 Ion Chef runs).

Utilizing plug and play, pre-packaged, single-use cartridges and PCR plates for a fully automated workflow, users of all experience levels will find library preparation straightforward with minimal effort. Supplied with barcodes conveniently dried-down in 96-well plates, multiplexing samples is easy and requires no additional pipetting steps.

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Sample Type
Sequencing Type
Genome and DNA Sequencing
For Use With (Equipment)
Ion GeneStudio S5 System, Ion GeneStudio™ S5 System, Ion PGM™ System, Ion Proton™ System, Ion S5™ XL System, Ion OneTouch™ 2 System, Ion Chef™ System
For Use With (Application)
Targeted Sequencing Library
No. of Reactions
Product Line
Product Type
DNA Sequencing Kit
Shipping Condition
Dry Ice
Workflow Step
Library Generation

Contents & Storage

• 4 cartridges Ion AmpliSeq Chef Reagents DL8, store at -5 to -30°C
• 4 cartridges Ion AmpliSeq Chef Solutions DL8, store at 2–8°C
• 4 boxes Ion AmpliSeq Supplies (Each box contains: Ion AmpliSeq Tip Cartridge L8, Framed PCR Foil Seal, Enrichment Cartridge), store at room temperature
• 1 set of 4 IonCode in PCR Plates (The set includes: IonCode 0101-0108 in 96 Well PCR Plate (red), IonCode 0109-0116 in 96 Well PCR Plate (yellow), IonCode 0117-0124 in 96 Well PCR Plate (green), IonCode 0125-0132 in 96 Well PCR Plate (blue)), store at room temperature


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