Ion Torrent™

Ion 540™ Kit-Chef (2 sequencing runs per initialization)

Catalog number:  A30011

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Ion Torrent™ Next-Generation Sequencing

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The Ion 540™ Kit-Chef enables robust and automated template preparation and sequencing of up to 200 base-read libraries using the Ion Chef™ and the Ion S5™ or Ion S5™ XL Sequencing Systems. The Ion 540 Kit contains pre-packaged template and sequencing reagent cartridges with integrated sample tracking, delivering an automated workflow for sequencing of 8 loaded chips with complete run traceability. The kit contains sufficient reagents and supplies for 4 initializations and 8 sequencing runs on the Ion S5 or Ion S5 XL systems.

The Ion 540 Kit for the Ion Chef and Ion S5/Ion S5 XL workflow:
• Provides template preparation and chip loading reagents for up to 200 base-read libraries
• Simplifies your research with ready-to-use, disposable reagent cartridges for sequencing
• Delivers fast and simple sequencing instrument set-up, with less than 15 minutes hands-on time
• Leverages the latest advancements in data quality and accuracy

The Ion S5/Ion S5 XL sequencers, along with the Ion OneTouch™ 2 System, provide reproducible sequencing workflows. Delivering up to 80 million reads in a single run, the Ion 540 Chip empowers rapid exome and transcriptome analysis. Combined with Ion AmpliSeq™ technology and Ion Reporter™ Software for data interpretation, the Ion S5/Ion S5 XL systems provide a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for your translational or inherited disease research needs.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: Ion 540™
Product Size: 8 reactions
Shipping Condition: Qualified for Ambient or Wet Ice
Workflow Step: Template Preparation

Contents & storage

• Ion S5 Chef Solutions, store at room temperature
• Ion S5 Chef Supplies, store at room temperature
• Ion 540 Chef Reagents, store at -5°C to -30°C
• Ion S5 Sequencing Solutions, store at room temperature
• Ion S5 Sequencing Reagents, store at -5°C to -30°C