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Converge™ Software v1.0 Case Management License and Kinship & Paternity Analysis License

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These two licenses are for the Case Management and Kinship & Paternity Analysis applications of Converge Software v1.0. The software is obtained through purchase of the Converge Software documentation and server computer. Converge Software is an all-in-one, modular, enterprise platform from Thermo Fisher Scientific that provides integrated DNA data management and analysis software for forensic laboratories. The software simplifies the daily complexities of forensic case management and kinship/paternity analysis and centralizes all case data under one powerful solution.

Case Management application
Converge Software is designed to increase the efficiency of forensic and relationship DNA testing laboratories through the centralization of data creation, analysis, and storage to a single access point. The Case Management software application supports case, subject, genotype profile, and laboratory data management, and allows for automated data transfer and integration with various forensic DNA laboratory systems. The software is highly configurable to fit specific laboratory workflows, not only for analysis parameters, but also for data fields per the laboratory SOPs. In addition, it allows for configuration of the user interface and output reports, and provides features that help ensure data security and integrity. These features are easily accessible through a secured web browser interface under the protection of a laboratory’s own IT department. A variety of software modules can be readily built on the Converge platform to support various forensic applications.

Converge Kinship and Paternity application
Kinship and paternity testing can provide challenges in both the sheer volume of cases to be analyzed, as well as the complexity of laboratory workflows and statistical analyses being performed. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers an integrated and streamlined solution for kinship and paternity testing on the Converge platform with its Converge Kinship and Paternity application. The application integrates with Converge Software and GeneMapper™ ID-X genotyping software to help enable automated analysis, reporting of routine paternity and other relationship testing cases, and allows for genetic likelihood ratio calculation, as well as reports for any complex relationship. Licenses for this module may be purchased in addition to the Case Management license.

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For Research, Forensic, or Paternity Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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Product Line: CONVERGE™