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NGM Detect™ PCR Amplification Kit

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The Applied Biosystems NGM Detect PCR Amplification Kit is the first 6-dye STR kit designed specifically for those laboratories using the European Standard Set (ESS) of loci. The kit offers excellent sensitivity and provides an alternate marker configuration to the well-established NGM SElect PCR Amplification Kit format to maximize information recovery, even from degraded casework samples.

As with all Applied Biosystems STR kits, the NGM Detect kit is ISO18385 Forensic DNA Grade, giving you piece of mind when choosing this kit for your casework samples.

The key features of NGM Detect kit are:
Increased database searches by virtue of prioritization of markers with the highest representation in historic databases
Optimized positioning of SE33 in the sub-350 bp range to support mixture analysis
Dual amplification compatibility when partnered with the NGM SElect kit
High sensitivity through a new master mix formulation coupled with the ability to add up to 15 μL of sample to the reaction
Fast PCR cycle time—<60 min
Additional Y marker enabling gender confirmation
Integrated Quality Control System to verify reaction set up and assess the presence of inhibition in the sample

Increased database searches
The European Standard Set (ESS) of loci was established to enable cross-border information sharing and was composed of seven SGM/SEFiler Plus markers. The ESS was expanded to 12 loci in 2009 to include more markers to enable wider compatibility between neighboring countries.

Because of this, a large number of historic crime-scene profiles contained in databases consist of SGM/SEFiler Plus marker data. When dealing with challenging casework, such as cases involving degraded samples, the information recovery is limited. In this situation, recovering the SGM/SEFiler Plus markers is key for producing a partial DNA profile that has maximum overlap with older data contained in databases, giving a higher probability of a match and providing valuable investigative leads.

The NGM Detect kit takes full advantage of the space afforded by 6 dyes and features optimized marker positioning, placing the SGM/SEFiler Plus markers in the low molecular weight (LMW) range to help ensure the highest compatibility with historic datasets and the possibility of a higher chance of generating investigative leads.

Optimized positioning of SE33
The highly polymorphic SE33 marker is useful for mixture analysis but extends up to 500 bp in most STR kits. As a result, it is one of the first markers to drop out in degraded samples. In the NGM Detect kit, SE33 extends to a maximum of 351 bp to help to significantly increase the chances of recovery of this highly informative marker in challenging samples.

Dual amplification compatibility
Dual amplification, where two different STR kits are used to amplify a sample, is a strategy that can be used to confirm or extend a DNA profile result for increased confidence in the final result in the former and to obtain additional information in the latter.The NGM Detect kit is an advanced partner for the NGM SElect kit, featuring the same loci, but with different primer sequences and different marker placement. When using the two kits in combination, different primer sequences provide confidence that the consensus profile generated reflects the ‘true’ genotype of the sample. The complimentary marker positioning places mini-STR loci in the NGM Detect kit in the high molecular weight (HMW) range in the NGM Select kit and vice versa, meaning that additional alleles can be recovered from degraded samples when using the two kits in combination. Together the NGM Detect and NGM Select system delivers 12 independent mini-STRs.

Integrated Quality Control System
The IQC assay consists of two synthetic sequences not found in nature with primers specific for each of the targets. It provides positive confirmation that the assay is functioning as expected in a given run.

This system is particularly useful to confirm the validity of negative results and can also be used to distinguish samples that are degraded versus those that contain PCR inhibitors, supplementing data analysis and informing downstream processing decisions.

Experience matters
The NGM Detect kit is part of a fully integrated and validated forensic DNA workflow backed by superior global training, service, and support. Technical support scientists and field application specialists are available to answer your technical questions, review data, and make recommendations on how to perform assays and troubleshoot results. All of these resources help ensure success when using Applied Biosystems human identification solutions in your laboratory.

We also offer a range of Human Identification Professional Services (HPS) to assist with bringing new kits and workflows online. Since 2007, the HPS team has completed over 400 successful validation projects worldwide with a staff of more than 20 technical support specialists, each averaging 8 years of real-world forensic experience, providing customers with in-depth training and support on our instruments, chemistries, and software.

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Product Line: NGM Detect
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Target Loci: Y indel, D19S433, vWA, D8S1179, D2S441, TH01, D18S51, D16S539, D3S1358, D2S1338, FGA, D1S1656, D10S1248, Amelogenin, SE33, D22S1045, D12S391, D21S11

Contents & storage

Store at -15 to -25°C upon receipt and 2 to 8°C after initial use for up to 6 months.

See product insert for full contents list and component storage conditions.