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MagMAX™ Plant DNA Isolation Kit

Catalog number:  A32549

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The MagMAX™ Plant DNA Isolation Kit is designed for automated high-throughput or manual purification of DNA from a wide variety of plant species. The kit uses MagMAX magnetic bead technology, eliminating the need for phenol/chloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation. The procedures are optimized for the isolation of DNA from 10–100 mg plant samples. DNA yields vary between different species and tissues depending on genome size, ploidy, cell number, age of tissue sample, and storage conditions.

The MagMAX Plant DNA Isolation Kit relies on magnetic bead technology, enabling reproducible yields and robust performance. High binding capacity, uniform particle size, and rapid magnetic response of the beads makes the technology ideal for automated high-throughput nucleic acid purification, as well as for manual purification for low sample throughput. The resulting high-quality DNA is free of proteins, nucleases, and other contaminants or inhibitors, and can be used in a wide range of downstream applications such as PCR, qPCR, or next-generation sequencing. See bar graph below for typical genomic DNA yields from various sources.

Features of the MagMAX Plant DNA Isolation Kit include:
• Versatile—suitable for most plant types and parts, including woody, polyphenol-rich, and lignified samples
• High DNA yields—compared to traditional CTAB method
• High quality—isolates high integrity DNA, free of inhibitors and RNA contamination
• Flexible—easily adjustable for high-throughput automation platforms and manual processing

Isolated DNA is ideal for use in common molecular biology procedures, including:
• qPCR
• next-generation sequencing

Benefits of MagMAX magnetic bead–based purification
The magnetic bead–based purification format of the kit allows for easy scaling of the number of samples processed either manually with a magnetic stand or with a magnetic particle processor such as the KingFisher™ Duo Prime or KingFisher™ Flex processors.

Magnetic beads offer many benefits compared to other technologies for isolating nucleic acids. Beads bind the RNA and DNA more efficiently than glass fiber filters, resulting in higher and more consistent yields. Additionally, because filters and vacuum manifolds are not used, there is no risk of undigested tissue particulates clogging these items during the extraction process. This clogging issue is of particular concern with fibrous plant tissue samples that that are not fully lysed during the disruption and homogenization steps.

Optimized bead surface chemistry
The Dynabeads™ MyOne™ Carboxylic Acid utilized in the MagMAX Plant DNA Kit has an optimized surface chemistry with high specific surface area that allows efficient kinetics and high sensitivity in nucleic acid capture. These aspects make Dynabeads magnetic technology ideal for the recovery of the DNA targets found in a variety of plant samples. Once captured, the DNA is then eluted in 150 µL and ready for downstream applications.


For Use With (Application): Real-Time PCR
Purification Target: Genomic DNA
High-throughput Compatibility: High-throughput Compatible
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Product Line: MagMAX™

Contents & storage

• 60 mL Lysis Buffer A, store at room temperature
• 8.4 mL Lysis Buffer B, store at room temperature
• 2 x 1.4 mL Rnase A, store at -5 to -30°C
• 16.5 mL Precipitation Solution, store at room temperature
• 2 x 1.4 mL DNA Binding Beads, store at 2–8°C
• 45 mL Wash Solution 1 Concentrate, store at room temperature
• 60 mL Wash Solution 2 Concentrate, store at room temperature
• 30 mL Elution Buffer, store at room temperature