Applied Biosystems™

Precision ID DL8 Kit

Catalog number: A33212
Applied Biosystems™

Precision ID DL8 Kit

Catalog number: A33212
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32 reactions
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A3321232 reactions
Price: 4,575.00
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The Precision ID DL8 Kit for the Ion Chef System is optimized for automated library construction using the Applied Biosystems Precision ID GlobalFiler NGS STR Panel v2 (Cat. No. A33114). Leveraging the automation capabilities of the Ion Chef System, the Precision ID DL8 Kit also enables the preparation of Ion AmpliSeq libraries for current commercially available Precision ID panels (e.g., Identity Panel, Ancestry Panel, mtDNA Whole Genome Panel, and mtDNA Control Region Panel) as well as custom Ion AmpliSeq SNP panels with less than 15 minutes of hands-on time and only three liquid transfer steps.

The kit offers the following:
• 125 pg minimum DNA input for library preparation with Precision ID GlobalFiler NGS STR Panel v2
• 96-well plate-based workflow and easy-to-use cartridge format with reagent barcoding
• Sufficient material for the preparation of 32 libraries (4 Ion Chef runs) and sequence analysis with the Ion 530 Chip
• Fewer components to help save time and money by preventing unnecessary waste

Barcoded library preparation
The Precision ID DL8 Kit includes reagents for generating amplicons with Ion AmpliSeq primers and preparing libraries from the resulting amplicons. Quantitation of Precision ID GlobalFiler NGS STR Panel v2 libraries with the Ion Library TaqMan Quantitation Kit (Cat. No. 4468802) is recommended to ensure reproducible depth of coverage between runs. Barcoded libraries can be combined and loaded onto a single Ion 530 Chip to minimize the sequencing run time and cost and allow for accurate sample-to-sample comparisons.

Easy and flexible protocol
The Precision ID Library Kit uses a plate-based format for easier sample handling and tracking, and for compatibility with automation and high-throughput laboratories. The resulting DNA libraries are ready for downstream template preparation for clonal amplification on the Ion Chef System and sequencing on an Ion GeneStudio S5 sequencing system.


96-well Plate
Product Type
Precision ID DL8 Kit
Sequencing Type
Genome & DNA Sequencing
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Dry Ice

Contents & Storage

• 4 cartridges Ion AmpliSeq Chef reagents DL8, store at -5 to -30°C
• 4 cartridges Ion AmpliSeq Chef solutions DL8, shipped at room temperature, store at 2–8°C upon receipt
• 4 boxes Ion AmpliSeq supplies (each box contains: Ion AmpliSeq tip cartridge L8, framed PCR foil seal, enrichment cartridge), store at room temperature
• 1 set of 4 IonCode in PCR plates (the set includes: IonCode 0101-0108 in 96-well PCR plate (red), IonCode 0109-0116 in 96-well PCR plate (yellow), IonCode 0117-0124 in 96-well PCR plate (green), IonCode 0125-0132 in 96-well PCR plate (blue)), store at room temperature