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Oncomine Reporter is a genomic analysis software tool developed specifically for further examination of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data, enabling streamlined access to a final report in just a few easy steps.

Oncomine Reporter delivers easy access to vital information, enabling the contextual investigation of sample-specific variants to understand their use with respect to labels, guidelines, and current global clinical trials. This process of investigation transforms data into knowledge, helping to gain efficiency for cancer research and future drug development.

Feature of Oncomine Reporter include:
• Customizable report with headers and footers to fit your lab’s branding needs
    --View relevant labels and guidelines for each variant
    --Match your sample with local clinical trials based on country or US state
    --Flexible templates in 9 languages
• Robust, curated, up-to-date, and validated data
• Helps you prioritize variants and find the relevant cancer drivers using annotations from the Ion Reporter Oncomine Variant Annotation plug-in

Oncomine Reporter is available through our Connect cloud-based platform as well as through local server installation.

To access Oncomine Reporter using the Connect platform, simply purchase credits. Each credit is used to enable reporting on a single sample.

Contact your local sales representative for more information on the terms and pricing for installation of Oncomine Reporter on a local server.

Note: Purchase of Oncomine Reporter credits results in the addition of these credits to your Thermo Fisher cloud account. Credits are then deducted from your account as the software is used on a sample to report basis. See Terms and Conditions document below.


Product Line: Oncomine™
Format: Web-based