Applied Biosystems™

TaqMan™ Advanced miRNA Human A Card

Catalog number: A34714
Applied Biosystems™

TaqMan™ Advanced miRNA Human A Card

Catalog number: A34714
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A34714384 reactions
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The Applied Biosystems TaqMan Advanced miRNA Human A Card provides the convenience of pre-spotted TaqMan Advanced miRNA assays in a 384-well microfluidic card format. This product contains one micro-fluidic card, enabling accurate quantitation of 384 unique microRNAs in as little as five hours. Four TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assay endogenous controls are included in the card to aid in data normalization. Details about the included assays are available in the Target List file. The assays can detect and quantify the mature form of the miRNA from 1–10 ng of total RNA from tissue.

Note: The TaqMan Advanced miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit is required for preparation of the cDNA template that is used with the TaqMan Advanced miRNA assays.

The kit enables the analysis of:
• Multiple miRNAs from a single amplified sample
• Samples that are limited in quantity, including serum, plasma, or other biological fluids

Key features include:
Universal reverse transcription (RT)—one RT step for all TaqMan Advanced miRNA assays
Sensitive—detect as few as 60 copies of input miRNA
Specific—detect only mature miRNA and distinguish between highly homologous miRNAs
Small sample input—detect and quantify mature miRNA from as little as 1–10 ng of total RNA or 2 μL of plasma or serum
Versatile—compatible with tissue and biofluids, including serum and plasma

TaqMan Advanced miRNA cards provide all the advantages of TaqMan Advanced miRNA assays in a convenient, pre-configured microfluidic card, minimizing the experimental variability and effort required to run 384 TaqMan Advanced miRNA assays in parallel. With the TaqMan Advanced miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit, TaqMan Advanced miRNA cards enable a comprehensive expression profile consistent with miRBase v21, providing the ideal miRNA profiling solution.

TaqMan Advanced miRNA cards are compatible with the following Applied Biosystems qPCR instruments: Viia7, QuantStudio 7 Flex, and QuantStudio 12k Flex.

Recommended master mix: TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix

TaqMan Advanced miRNA cards require the use of the TaqMan Advanced cDNA Synthesis Kit, which uses a universal RT chemistry to prepare the cDNA template for use with TaqMan Advanced miRNA assays for detection and quantification of mature human miRNAs in biological samples.

These plates are not compatible with the first-generation TaqMan MicroRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit, which uses an miRNA-specific reverse transcription chemistry.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Detection Method
384-well Microfluidic Card
GC-Rich PCR Performance
PCR Method
Reaction Speed
Fast or Standard
2 μL
Label or Dye
2 Color
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Advanced miRNA Human A Card
Research Category
Shipping Condition
Approved for shipment at Room Temperature or on Wet or Dry Ice
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miRNA analysis

Contents & Storage

One 384-well array

The TaqMan miRNA card is shipped at ambient temperature. Upon arrival, store at 2–8°C and keep protected from light.