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ReproSeq™ PGS Kit with Ion 530™ Chips (96 samples/run)

Catalog number: A34901
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Ion Torrent™

ReproSeq™ PGS Kit with Ion 530™ Chips (96 samples/run)

Catalog number: A34901
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384 samples
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A34901384 samples
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The ReproSeq PGS Kit for the Ion S5 System provides all the reagents and materials necessary for a rapid, cost-effective, and comprehensive next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflow for aneuploidy analysis. When used with an Ion S5 sequencing system and Ion Chef System for automated template preparation, the kit enables a simple, end-to-end workflow for the detection of aneuploidies across all 24 chromosomes (22 autosomes and the X and Y chromosomes) for research labs interested in reliably assessing pre-implantation embryo biopsy samples.

Using as little as 6 pg of DNA from a single cell, or input from multiple cells, the ReproSeq PGS Kit for the Ion S5 System enables accurate detection of whole chromosome and chromosome arm copy number events (down to 17 Mbp copy number events*) in as little as 10 hours**. Three kit configurations provide comprehensive sample throughput flexibility enabling cost-effective screening of 16, 24, or 96 samples per run. When combined with analysis using Ion Reporter v5.4 or later, data interpretation is enhanced with new functionality such as mosaicism detection, gender masking, and improved data plotting.

Cost-effective NGS workflow with sample throughput flexibility
The ReproSeq PGS Kit for the Ion S5 System delivers scalability and flexibility through three sequencing chips—the Ion 510 Chip, Ion 520 Chip, and Ion 530 Chip—to support various levels of sample throughput. Choose the kit that fits your throughput needs to process 16, 24, and up to 96 samples to achieve throughput flexibility that scales up to improve cost efficiencies and allows your laboratory to respond to sample fluctuation and increases in sample volume.

Rapid turnaround for time-sensitive samples
Leveraging the speed of semiconductor sequencing and automated template preparation by isothermal amplification on the Ion Chef System, the ReproSeq PGS Kit for the Ion S5 System offers a fast benchtop NGS workflow for aneuploidy analysis studies. Go from a single cell or multiple cells isolated from a pre-implantation embryo to analyzed data typically in less than 10 hours when processing up to 16 samples, 10 hours for 24 samples, or 13 hours for up to 96 samples. This rapid turnaround time enables reliable identification of chromosomally normal embryos for time-sensitive genetic research.

The ReproSeq PGS Kit with Ion 530 Chips (96 samples/run) includes all reagents for processing a total of 384 samples through a workflow that includes whole genome amplification, library construction, template preparation and chip loading on the Ion Chef instrument, and sequencing using an Ion S5 System.

The kit contains:
• Ion SingleSeq 96 Kit (Cat. No. A34763)—includes reagents to extract, amplify, and barcode genomic DNA for preparing libraries from pre-implantation embryo biopsy samples, a process that can be completed in less than 5 hours (includes hands-on time)
• Ion S5 ExT Chef Supplies, Ion S5 Chef Solutions, and Ion S5 ExT Chef PGS Reagents—contains pre-packaged single-use cartridges for automated template preparation and chip loading (5 hours, includes hands-on time) whereby library DNA is clonally amplified onto a bead surface through an emulsion-based isothermal amplification reaction
• Ion S5 ExT Sequencing Solutions, Ion S5 ExT Sequencing Reagents—simplifies sequencing with ready-to-use, disposable reagent cartridges for fast and simple instrument set-up, with less than 15 minutes hands-on time, for a sequencing chemistry supporting advanced data quality and accuracy
• Ion 530 Chip Kit (Cat. No. A27763)—contains 4 barcoded chips per kit for sample tracking and sequencing runs using the Ion S5 System

• This kit is only compatible with the Ion Chef System and Ion S5 systems. The Ion S5 XL System is recommended for rapid turnaround time between sequencing runs. Use of the kits with the Ion S5 System requires significantly more analysis time between runs.
• The ReproSeq PGS Kit is compatible with Torrent Suite Software 5.4 and later. Update your Torrent Server to the latest available version of Torrent Suite Software before using these kits. For data analysis, Ion Reporter Software 5.4 or later is recommended.

*Detecting copy number events <48 Mbp using the ReproSeq™ PGS Kit with Ion 530™ Chips (96 samples/run) requires running ≤24 samples on an Ion 530 Chip
**Sample to analyzed results turnaround time for the ReproSeq PGS Kit with Ion 510 Chips (16 samples/run) is 9.6 hours.
WARNING: Reproductive Harm -
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment)
Ion GeneStudio S5 System, Ion PGM™ System, Ion Chef™ System
For Use With (Application)
Shotgun Sequencing, Rapid Sequencing
No. of Samples
Product Line
Ion 530™, ReproSeq™
Product Type
Shipping Condition
Approved for shipment on Wet or Dry Ice

Contents & Storage

• Ion SingleSeq 96 Kit, 4 boxes, –10 to –30°C
• Ion S5 ExT Chef Supplies, 4 boxes, 15–30°C
• Ion S5 Chef Solutions, 4 cartridges, 15–30°C
• Ion S5 ExT Chef PGS Reagents, 4 cartridges, –10 to –30°C
• Ion S5 ExT Sequencing Solutions, 1 box, 15–30°C
• Ion S5 ExT Sequencing Reagents, 4 cartridges, –10 to –30°C
• Ion 530 Chip Kit, 4 chips, 15–30°C


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