Vybrant™ DyeCycle™ Violet/SYTOX™ AADvanced™ Apoptosis Kit, for flow cytometry

Catalog number:  A35135

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The Vybrant™ DyeCycle™ Violet/SYTOX™ AADvanced™ apoptosis kit is used for the identification of apoptotic cells. This kit provides a rapid and convenient assay based upon fluorescence analysis of the compacted state of the nuclear chromatin in apoptotic cells. The kit contains solutions of the cell-permeant Vybrant™ DyeCycle™ Violet stain (Ex/Em max ~370/440nm) which is excited with UV or violet laser and SYTOX™ AADvanced™ (Ex/Em max ~546/650 nm) which is excited with a 488 nm laser. SYTOX™ AADvanced™ is used to detect changes in permeability of the plasma membrane therefore allowing identification of dead cells. The staining pattern resulting from simultaneous use of both dyes in combination make it possible to distinguish normal, apoptotic, and dead cell populations by flow cytometry.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Detection Method: Fluorescent
Excitation/Emission: SYTOX® AADvanced™: 546⁄647, Vybrant® DyeCycle™ Violet: 369⁄437
Flow Cytometer Laser Lines: 405, 488
For Use With (Equipment): Flow Cytometer
Form: Solution
No. of Reactions: 200
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Label Type: Other Label(s) or Dye(s)
Label or Dye: Vybrant® DyeCycle Violet, SYTOX® AADvanced™ Dead Cell Stain
Product Line: Molecular Probes®
Format: Tube(s)
Solubility: DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide)

Contents & storage

Contains 1 vial of Vybrant® DyeCycle™ Violet (50 µL, 5mM solution in water); 1 vial SYTOX® AADvanced™ stain (100 µg); and 1 vial of DMSO (200 µL).

Storage 2-6°C