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LV-MAX™ Lentiviral Production System

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The Gibco LV-MAX Lentiviral Production System is the first optimized system that provides a scalable and high-yield lentiviral vector production platform. It is based on a suspension, high-density culture of HEK 293-derived Viral Production Cells adapted to a special chemically defined, serum-free and protein-free LV-MAX Production Medium. Optimal viral titer yield is mediated by our advanced lipid nanoparticle transfection reagent in combination with a novel lentiviral-specific enhancer and supplement. All components work synergistically to generate superior and functional lentiviral particles under serum-free conditions compared to conventional polyethylenimine (PEI).

The LV-MAX Lentiviral Production System provides:
• High titer—greater than 1 x 108 TU/mL (unconcentrated LVVs-GFP)
• Scalable suspension system—from 96 deep-well plate to 2-L bioreactor
• Serum-free—eliminating animal-origin components and associated risks
• Easy, robust culture and transfection protocols—fits into current transient production workflows

The components included in the LV-MAX Lentiviral Production System are: two vials of frozen Viral Production Cells, one liter of LV-MAX Production Medium, and one LV-MAX Transfection Kit sufficient to produce 0.3 L of lentivirus. All components of the LV-MAX Lentiviral Production System are also available for purchase separately. Also required, but not included in this kit, is Gibco Opti-MEM I Reduced Serum Medium (Cat. No. 31985062).

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Line: Viral Production Cell-Line
Delivery Type: Lentiviral, Transfection
Expression Stability: Transient
Expression System: Mammalian
Form: Kit
Key Functions: Viral Expression
Product Line: LV-MAX™
Shipping Condition: Approved for shipment at Room Temperature or on Wet or Dry Ice

Contents & storage

• 1 L LV-MAX Production Medium. Store at 2–8°C, protect from light.
• 0.3 L LV-MAX Transfection Kit. Store at 2–8°C, protect from light.
• 2 vials of Viral Production Cells. Store in liquid nitrogen until ready to use. Do not store the cells at -80°C.