LV-MAX™ Production Medium

Catalog number:  A3583402

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Gibco LV-MAX Production Medium is a chemically defined, serum-free, protein-free medium, specially developed for high-density growth and transfection of Gibco Viral Production Cells (suspension-adapted HEK 293-derived cells) promoting high-titer lentiviral production.

• Supports growth of suspension Viral Production Cells to densities of over 1.0 x 107 cells/mL
• Enables sustained, high-level production of high-density transiently transfected cultures, achieving titer of up to 1 x 108 TU/mL (unconcentrated LVVs-GFP)
• Supports growth and transfection of Viral Production Cells in culture formats from 96-deep well blocks to 2-L flasks and bioreactors

LV-MAC Production Medium is ready to use, with no supplementation required. The chemically defined formulation results in high reproducibility and lot-to-lot reliability. The medium is not recommended for adherent cell cultures.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Line: Viral Production Cell-Line
Classification: Animal Origin-Free, Chemically Defined, Protein-Free, Serum-Free
Included Antibiotics: No antibiotics
Product Line: LV-MAX™
Quantity: 6 x 1L
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Culture Type: Suspension Cell Culture
Form: Liquid

Contents & storage

Store at 2–8°C, protect from light.