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Pierce™ Anti-DYKDDDDK Affinity Resin

Catalog number: A36804
Thermo Scientific™

Pierce™ Anti-DYKDDDDK Affinity Resin

Catalog number: A36804
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Thermo Scientific Pierce Anti-DYKDDDDK Affinity Resin provides a fast, convenient method for purification and immunoprecipitation (IP) of DYKDDDDK-tagged proteins expressed in in vitro protein expression systems, bacteria, yeast, and mammalian cells. The amino acid sequence DYKDDDDK, commonly known as 'FLAG', is recognized by a high-affinity rat monoclonal antibody (clone L5) that is covalently attached to UltraLink Biosupport. UltraLink Biosupport is a rigid, hydrophilic, highly crosslinked, copolymeric and porous resin with high coupling capacity. The porosity, rigidity, and durability of the resin make it suitable for medium-pressure, fast-flow techniques involving large sample volumes.

For protein purification or IP, resin is added to a sample containing DYKDDDDK-tagged proteins with the tag on either the N- or the C-terminus. Following capture of DYKDDDDK-tagged proteins, non-specifically bound proteins can be washed away before dissociating bound target proteins with elution buffer. The Pierce Anti-DYKDDDDK Affinity Resin is recommended for use in spin purification columns or cartridges for FPLC instruments.

Features include:
Specific—unique base beads and highly specific antibody minimize off-target binding (low non-specific binding)
High purity—optimized bind-wash-elute protocol enables high purity
High yield—special antibody conjugation method enables high yield
Rapid—entire purification protocol typically takes less than 40 mins
Economical—purification protocol allows multiple reuses
Versatile—can be used in spin-, gravity-, or FPLC-based purification and enrichment methods
Scalable—available in 1, 5, and 50 mL settled resin package sizes to allow for smaller scale immunoprecipitations or larger scale purifications

Characteristics of Pierce Anti-DYKDDDDK Affinity Resin:

Composition: anti-DYKDDDDK antibody covalently attached to UltraLink Biosupport, a highly crosslinked rigid support
Particle size: 50–80 µm
pH stability: 1–13
Recommended linear velocity: <150 cm/hour
Operating temperature: 2–30⁰C; do not freeze
Particle concentration:50% slurry in phosphate buffered saline, 0.02% sodium azide, pH 7.5
Binding capacity: ≥3.0 mg DYKDDDDK-tGFP-His protein (∼32 kDa)/mL settled resin


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Affinity Resin
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Anti-DYKDDDDK monoclonal antibodies
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Wet Ice

Contents & Storage

50 mL settled resin. 100 mL supplied as a 50% slurry in PBS containing 0.02% sodium azide. Store at 2–8°C.