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ExpiCHO™ Stable Production Medium

Catalog number: A3711001

ExpiCHO™ Stable Production Medium

Catalog number: A3711001
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Gibco ExpiCHO Stable Production Medium (SPM) is specifically designed to simplify your cell line development process into production with minimal effort and a high degree of confidence. This chemically defined, protein-free, animal origin component-free formulation is fully optimized for large-scale fed-batch culture with ExpiCHO-S cells. ExpiCHO SPM supports an easy transition from transient to stable production, provides high titers without the need for additional medium optimization (see figures below), and works well with existing EfficientFeed C+ supplement.

ExpiCHO SPM is part of the ExpiCHO family, an end-to-end solution that empowers you to carry out your entire workflow from transient to stable expression without having to screen or optimize media and feeds.

Hassle-free scale-up
Simplify your process as you transition into stable clones with ExpiCHO SPM—no cell adaptation, no media optimization, no changes in cell doubling time and peak density. ExpiCHO SPM eases the transition using ExpiCHO-S cells and provides optimal performance with less need for fine-tuning from development scientists to get you to the next step faster. This medium supports high titers under standard fed-batch process conditions in conjunction with EfficientFeed C+ supplement. It is available in liquid format (this page) or in our AGT dry format from 10 L through 450 L equivalents with larger sizes available upon request.

ONE Solution
The ExpiCHO family includes products that are engineered to work seamlessly with each other. ExpiCHO SPM is a member of this family and allows expanded support of bioproduction from transient to stable protein expression. Look for ExpiCHO-branded protocols and methods to get optimal performance in the development process.

Members of the ExpiCHO family include:
• ExpiCHO Stable Production Medium (this page)
• ExpiCHO Expression Medium
• ExpiCHO-S cells
• Expifectamine CHO Transfection Kit

The power to streamline transfer to manufacturing
ExpiCHO SPM liquid format and AGT dry format demonstrate comparable cell growth and titer performance (see figure below). Therefore, scale-up and manufacturing using AGT dry format is simplified by knowing that the reconstituted AGT dry format will behave similarly to the liquid format used prior to scale-up. The AGT dry format is easy to reconstitute; just add water and it will automatically adjust pH and osmolality. This can help provide efficiencies in supply chain complexity, reconstitution complexity, and, therefore, overall expense.

When to use ExpiCHO Stable Production Medium:
• When you are using the ExpiCHO-S cell line for transient expression and want to scale up
• After you have completed the stable transfection of ExpiCHO-S cells in ExpiCHO Expression Medium. (Follow our recommended protocol.)
• When you do not have the time to perform medium adaptation or optimization

When NOT to use ExpiCHO Stable Production Medium:
• When you have an existing platform cell-line or feeds and are looking for a broad medium to support a wide variety of cell-lines
• When you need a medium for transfection. For transient and stable transfection, ExpiCHO Expression Medium is recommended.

Support available with ExpiCHO Stable Production Medium:
• A stable cloning protocol designed specifically for the ExpiCHO family of products (must be used for optimal performance)
• Licensing for the ExpiCHO-S cells for development of stable clones.


Cell Line
Animal Origin-free, Chemically-defined, Protein-free
Product Type
Stable Production Medium (SPM)
Product Line
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature

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Store in refrigerator (2°C to 8°C).


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