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SGS™ All Species ID Food DNA Analyser Kits

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Food & Beverage

Identify the species present in even the most challenging sample types with the Thermo Scientific™ Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Food Authenticity Workflow incorporating SGS™ All Species ID Food DNA Analyser Kits.

Protect your business from food fraud by verifying the meat, plant or fish species in your food samples for improved traceability and food safety.

As part of a complete, simple Next Generation Sequencing workflow, these kits provide a list of meat, plant or fish species present in all types of food and feed products including complex and highly processed sample types.

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Identification of the species present in food and feed samples is a critical step for proof of authenticity, verification of origin, traceability of raw materials and quality control of handling and cleaning processes in food production lines.

The Thermo Scientific NGS Food Authenticity Workflow utilizes the Ion Torrent™ Next Generation Sequencing technology to enable an untargeted screening approach making it possible to identify the species contained in a food sample by comparison with a DNA database of meat, plant or fish species.

The ready-to-use SGS All Species ID Food DNA Analyser Kits allow the unique labelling and amplification of meat, fish or plant DNA by PCR, thereby preparing the sample for Next Generation Sequencing, and automated data analysis by the SGS All Species ID Software. Test results provide a list of the meat, plant or fish species present in the sample.

  • Simple: ready-to-use kits include all necessary reagents for DNA labeling and amplification, and provide results with any sample type, including complex and processed samples.
  • Rapid: allows preparation of NGS library from extracted DNA within 4 hours.
  • Flexible: utilizes a unique labeling system in which the DNA of each food sample is individually identified with an exclusive barcoded DNA sequence, enabling you to analyze multiple samples together for meat, fish or plant species.  
  • Supported: our experienced technical team is ready to assist you.

Each SGS All Species ID Food DNA Analyser Kit is available in two different formats with 24 different barcodes each, enabling you to label up to 48 samples at once for multiple simultaneous sample analysis.

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