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ExpiSf™ Expression System Starter Kit

Catalog number: A38841

ExpiSf™ Expression System Starter Kit

Catalog number: A38841
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The ExpiSf Expression System is a complete chemically-defined baculovirus-insect cell protein expression system that delivers superior yields and consistent performance run after run using a fast, streamlined workflow.

The ExpiSf Expression System offers:
• A chemically defined, yeastolate-free, animal origin-free medium for consistent cell growth and protein expression
• Integrated components that work in concert to deliver three times higher protein yields compared to traditional insect expression platforms
• Robust production of high-titer, high-quality P0 recombinant baculovirus in suspension culture format without the need for further virus amplification
• A fast, simplified workflow that allows you to obtain protein in as little as 6–10 days; half the time of traditional protocols
• Scalable expression that can be applied to cultures from 24-deep well plates to >3 L shake flasks

The components included in the ExpiSf Expression System Starter Kit are: 2 vials of frozen ExpiSf9 Cells, 1 liter of ExpiSf CD Medium, ExpiSf Enhancer sufficient for 1 liter of culture, 1 mL ExpiFectamine Sf Transfection Reagent, 500 mL Opti-MEM Reduced Serum Medium, 0.5 mL MAX Efficiency DH10Bac Competent Cells, 1 Bac-to-Bac Vector Kit containing the pFastBac 1 Expression Vector and pFastBac 1-Gus Positive Control Vector. All components of the ExpiSf Expression System are also available for purchase separately.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cloning Method
Restriction Enzyme ⁄ MCS
Protein Tag
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Approved for shipment at Room Temperature or on Wet or Dry Ice
Cell Line
Sf9, SFM Adapted
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Contents & Storage

• 1000 mL bottle ExpiSf CD Medium, store in the dark at 2–8°C
• 4 x 1 mL ExpiSf Enhancer, 2–8°C
• 1 mL ExpiFectamine Sf Transfection Reagent, 2–8°C
• 2 x 1 vial ExpiSf9 Cells, store in vapor-phase liquid nitrogen
• 500 mL Opti-MEM, 2–8°C
• 10 μg pFastBac1 vector, 2–8°C
• 4 ng pFastBac1-Gus control vector, 2–8°C
• 5 x 0.1 mL MAX Efficiency DH10Bac Competent Cells, –80°C
• 24 x 125-mL Single-Use Nalgene PETG Erlenmeyer Flasks, store at room temperature


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