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SureQuant™ TP53 Panel Relative Quantitation Module

Catalog number: A40102
Thermo Scientific™

SureQuant™ TP53 Panel Relative Quantitation Module

Catalog number: A40102
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A4010210 reactions
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The Thermo Scientific SureQuant TP53 Panel Relative Quantitation Module provides a complete quantitation solution for the analysis of key TP53 expression and phosphorylation using mass spectrometry (MS).

SureQuant TP53 Panel Relative Quantitation Module features include:
Complete—contains validated AQUA HeavyPeptide mix, diluent, matrix, system suitability standard including optimized acquisition and analysis methods
Validated—peptides rigorously tested for successful quantitation of each target peptide
Multiplex—able to quantitate native and phosphorylated TP53 protein

The tumor suppressor protein TP53 functions as a negative checkpoint regulator for abnormal cell signaling and can induce cell cycle arrest, activate DNA repair proteins, or initiate apoptosis. Mutations in TP53 often result abnormal cell growth and are commonly found in many types of cancer. This kit is ideal for monitoring TP53 expression and phosphorylation status in a single assay. The ability to simultaneously monitor and quantitate in a single sample is a powerful tool for assessment of normal and abnormal pathway signaling.

The SureQuant TP53 Panel Relative Quantitation Module provides reagents for relative quantitation of six unique peptides from AKT using liquid chromatography (LC) and MS. AQUA Ultimate HeavyPeptide mixture is provided for use as a spike-in internal standard for relative quantitation in the multiplexed sample. Standardized methods and data process templates are provided for streamlined data acquisition and analysis.

The Pierce LC-MS/MS System Suitability Standard (7 x 5 Mix) is included in this module to assess dynamic range of LC-MS/MS systems before running the calibration curves and samples.

This kit can be used with the SureQuant TP53 Panel IP and MS Sample Preparation Module for enriched multiplex sample preparation. When used together, these modules provide a complete solution for sample preparation and analysis of the target proteins.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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Mass Spectrometry
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Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive Mass Spectrometer, Mass Spectrometer
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Approved for shipment on Wet or Dry Ice
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