Applied Biosystems™

3730xl DNA Analyzer (latest version)

Catalog number: A41046
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Applied Biosystems™

3730xl DNA Analyzer (latest version)

Catalog number: A41046
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This latest version of 3730xl DNA Analyzer has an upgraded solid-state laser, is 48- and 96-capillary compatible, and comes with Windows™ 10 operating system and cloud connectivity. Like its predecessor, it is the gold standard for high-throughput genetic analysis. Use this analyzer for DNA fragment analysis applications such as microsatellites, AFLP, and SNP analysis, mutation detection, and traditional DNA sequencing. Get the highest quality data at a low cost per sample.

• Higher optical sensitivity and advanced polymers enable you to obtain higher-quality sequencing data for less
• Multiple automation features decrease costly human errors
• Optimized polymers increase your productivity without compromising your results
• Perform a wide variety of sequencing and fragment analysis applications including resequencing, microsatellite analysis, AFLP, LOH, SSCP, and SNP screening, and SNP validation

Large-scale DNA analysis on a small-scale budget
By combining advances in automation with innovative optics and proprietary reagents to increase throughput, yield high-quality data, and minimize reagent consumption, the 3730xl analyzer provides your laboratory and production facility with faster, better, and cheaper analysis.

Streamline your workflow
The 3730xl DNA Analyzer is engineered for highly reliable, unattended operation of up to 48 hours (applies to modules with run times longer than 30 minutes). To minimize the need for operator intervention and decrease the risk of human error, automation features include an integrated plate stacker, internal bar code reader, and onboard polymer delivery system.

Increase productivity
The high signal-to-noise ratio ensures you get high-quality data, even when you use low-concentration samples and reagents. Labor-saving automation features minimize hands-on time and enable you to analyze more data more efficiently.

Get the highest-quality sequencing and genotyping data
The enhanced optical design provides a higher signal-to-noise ratio and a more uniform signal profile across the array. This design, combined with our advanced polymer, enables the longest read lengths of any available system, and provides enhanced color balance for streamlined genotyping sample handling. In addition, exceptional sensitivity enables higher success rates across a wide range of sample template types and concentrations.

One instrument, multiple applications
With the 3730xl DNA Analyzer, you get the highest-quality data from a wide array of applications. In addition to being ideal for high-throughput sequencing, the analyzer's optimized application assays, instrument, and analysis software also provide a complete solution for genotyping and resequencing.

Integrated data analysis tools reduce time-to-results
The 3730xl DNA Analyzer software suite allows you to generate more meaningful data with less work. This system's labor-saving software suite includes:
• Data collection (supplied with the instrument)—manages your instrument setup, controls instrument operations, allows real-time data visualization, and performs diagnostics
• Sequencing analysis software—designed to base-call; assign quality values; trim, display, edit and print DNA sequencing data using the KB basecaller
• Seqscape Software—provides everything you need to perform resequencing applications such as VariantSEQr Resequencing System
• GeneMapper—enables configurable, automated allele calling; a plus for high-throughput genotyping and includes tools for SNPlex data analysis

Additional features include:
• Auto-analysis with GeneMapper and SeqScape software
• Flexibility to use any choice in dye set option
• Tools to assist with regulatory and compliance requirements (in the United States, this assists with FDA 21CFR part 11)
• Additional optimized run modules covering more applications
• Support for fragment analysis applications on the 96-capillary array

The instrument comes with a one year limited warranty on parts and labor.


16 Sample Plates (96 or 384-well)
Capillary Length
36 or 50 cm
For Use With (Equipment)
Real-Time PCR Systems or Thermal Cyclers, Sequencing Data Analysis
Number of Capillaries
96 Capillaries
Product Line
Applied Biosystems
Read Length
400 to 900 Bases
DNA Analyzer
1 Year Limited Warranty on Parts and Labor
External Computer
Computer and Flat Panel Monitor
384-well plate, 96-well plate
High-throughput Compatibility
High-throughput Compatible
16GB (2x8GB) 1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC
Operating Environment
Humidity: 20%-80% (non-condensing), Temperature: 18°C-30°C, Humidity: 20 to 80% (non-condensing)
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10
In-capillary detection by dual-side illumination, Backside-thinned CCD for maximum optical sensitivity, Multiple Filter Sets: Z, E, G5, G5-RCT, Any4Dyeset, Any5Dyeset and S (optional)
XLRseq: 50cm - 900 QV20 bases/3 hours, RapidSeq: 36cm - 550 QV20 bases/36 min, GeneMapper™ Software: 36cm - up to 500 bp res. w/ 0.15 bp sizing precision in 34 min, FastSeq: 50cm - 700 QV20 bases/1 hour, StdSeq: 36cm - 700 QV20 bases/1 hour, LongSeq: 50cm - 850 QV20 bases/2 hours
Plate Handling
Plate Seal: Automatic on-board piercing (septa or polypropylene heat seal), Internal bar code reader, Integrated auto sampler and plate stacker
POP-7, POP Conformational Analysis Polymer
Polymer Consumption
36 cm: 200μl⁄run, 50 cm: 250μl⁄run
Power Requirements
Voltage: 200-220 V or 230-240 V ±10%, Power Dissipated: About 2000 watts, Current: 15 amps max. Requires 30 amp receptacle w/in 3 m (10 ft) of instrument back.
Reagent Handling
On-board reagents for up to 48 hrs unattended operation (with certain run modules), Automated polymer replenishment pump for increased throughput, Run modules: 5 sequencing, 1 fragment analysis and optional SNPlex™
Sample Volume
10-50 μL for 96-well plate, 5-30 μL for 384-well plate
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
Temperature Range (Metric)
Temperature-controlled oven (18-70°C range) and detection cell heater
100 cm (W) x 65 cm (D) x 93 cm (H)
180 kg (computer - 30 kg)

Contents & Storage

Store at room temperature.


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