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ProFlex™ PCR System + Plastics Package, 1x96-well, 8-tube strips

Catalog number:  A41185

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This ProFlex PCR System package includes a system plus MicroAmp 8-Tube Strips with Attached Domed Caps.

Proflex PCR System
The ProFlex PCR System combines the reliability and performance you’ve come to expect from Applied Biosystems instruments with the flexible configuration and control features that adapt to your research needs:

• Interchange the 96-well 0.2-mL block with another block type if your throughput needs change
• Access the system remotely (and conveniently) through a mobile app
• Program the instrument in seconds with a simple-to-use touchscreen interface
• Simulate your old instrument with Thermal Simulation modes
• Optimize your PCR quickly and efficiently with better-than-gradient VeriFlex blocks

For detailed instrument information and specifications, see the ProFlex PCR System.

MicroAmp 8-Tube Strips with Attached Domed Caps
MicroAmp 8-Tube Strips with Attached Domed Caps feature individually attached domed caps, dual large end-tabs, and graduated 20-µL markers on each tube to help prevent cross-contamination, pipetting errors, and sample identification errors.

Features include:
• Strip of eight tubes with attached domed caps that open and close independently to prevent contamination and evaporation
• Angled caps that provide efficient tube strip positioning in racks and thermal cycler blocks
• Etched A-H letter labeling on individual tubes that is visible when caps are open or closed
• Dual end tabs for proper labeling and easy handling
• Graduated 20-μL measuring markers on each tube for visual volume verification

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: Applied Biosystems™
Reaction Speed: Fast or Standard
Shipping Condition: Approved for shipment at Room Temperature or on Wet Ice
Capacity: up to 96 wells/run
Format: 8-tube strips
High-throughput Compatibility: Manual Protocols

Contents & storage

• ProFlex 1x96-well PCR System
• 1 x MicroAmp 8-Tube Strips with Attached Domed Caps, 0.2 mL (125 strips)