CTS™ LV-MAX™ Transfection Kit

Catalog number:  A4132602

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The Gibco CTS LV-MAX Transfection Kit is an essential component of the CTS LV-MAX lentiviral production system. Based on extensive Design of Experiment (DOE) methodologies, the cationic lipid-based transfection reagent, lentiviral production supplement, and LV enhancer are specifically screened for maximal delivery of multiple DNA plasmids to achieve the highest possible lentiviral titer when used in conjunction with CTS Viral Production Cells cultured in CTS LV-MAX Production Medium.

All CTS LV-MAX Transfection Kit components are produced under cGMP manufacturing conditions with extensive quality-control testing to ensure proper preclinical, clinical, and commercial therapeutic viral vector applications.

CTS LV-MAX Transfection Kit features include:
• Uniquely designed to enhance transient transfection of multiple DNA plasmids into high density suspension HEK293-derived cell culture
• Enables high viral titers of up to 1 x 108 TU/mL (unconcentrated LVV-GFP) to allow for a cost-effective alternative to PEI-based transfection reagents
• Scalable protocol for 96-deep well blocks, flasks, and bioreactors
• Regulatory-compliant reagents produced in conformity with cGMP for medical devices, 21 CFR, Part 820, and certified to the ISO 13485. Drug Master File and Regulatory Support File available upon request.

The CTS LV-MAX Transfection Kit requires CTS Opti-MEM I (not included in this kit) for complexation. The chemically-defined, serum-free, animal origin-free features of the CTS LV-MAX Transfection Kit result in high reproducibility and lot-to-lot reliability. The formulation of this product is identical to the research-grade LV-MAX Transfection Kit, but the CTS LV-MAX Transfection Kit is validated for clinical and commercial therapeutic applications.

Custom configuration and packaging available upon request.

For Research Use or Manufacturing of Cell, Gene, or Tissue-Based Products. CAUTION: Not intended for direct administration into humans or animals.


Quantity: 10 L
Culture Type: Mammalian
Reagent Type: Cationic Lipid-Based Transfection
Solution Type: Cationic Lipid-Based Transfection
Product Type: Transfection Kit
Storage Requirements: Store at 2 to 8°C and protect from light. Ships on gel ice.
Sterility: Non-sterile

Contents & storage

Sufficient for 10 L LV production

• 500 mL CTS LV-MAX Supplement
• 60 mL CTS LV-MAX Transfection Reagent
• 400 mL CTS LV-MAX Enhancer

Store at 2–8°C and protect from light. Ships on gel ice.