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TMTpro™ 16plex Label Reagent Set, 1 x 5 mg

Catalog number:  A44520

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The Thermo Scientific TMTpro 16plex Label Reagent Set enables multiplexing of up to 16 samples for protein identification and quantitation using tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS).
Features of this TMTpro 16plex Label Reagent Set include:
Multiplex—concurrent MS analysis of up to 16 samples derived from cells, tissues, or biological fluids
Robust—increased multiplex capability results in fewer missing quantitative values among samples and higher confidence among replicates
Efficient—amine-reactive, NHS ester-activated reagents ensure efficient labeling of all peptides regardless of protein sequence or proteolytic enzyme specificity
Compatible—optimized for use with high resolution Thermo Scientific MS/MS platforms, such as the Q Exactive and Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid instrument series, including the Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid and Orbitrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometers with data analysis fully supported by Proteome Discoverer 2.3

TMTpro label reagents are the next generation of tandem mass tags, designed to increase the level of sample multiplexing without compromising on protein identification and quantitation. The TMTpro tag structure is similar to the TMT tag structure in that the tags remain isobaric and amine reactive, but differs in the longer spacer region and isobutyl proline mass reporter region. After MS/MS fragmentation, each TMTpro tag generates a unique reporter mass (i.e., TMTpro 126-134Da) in the low-mass region of the high-resolution MS/MS spectrum that is used for relative quantitation of protein expression levels.

The advantages of TMTpro tags include increased multiplex relative quantitation, increased sample throughput, and fewer missing quantitative values among samples. The TMTpro 16plex label reagents are suited for analyses of multiple protein samples, such as inhibitor dose response experiments, time course experiments, thermal shift assays, or biological replicates. When combined with the industry-leading, high-resolution Orbitrap instruments and software, TMTpro reagents provide integrated total solutions for quantitative protein expression analysis.

For high resolution analysis of TMTpro-labeled peptides, the recommended LC column for the Nanospray Flex source is the Acclaim PepMap 100 C18 LC Column (Cat. No. 164942 or 164939). For the EASY-Spray source, the recommended LC column is the EASY-Spray C18 LC Column (Cat. No. ES802 or ES803).These products are subject to a limited use label license.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Label Type: Tandem Mass Tag™ (TMT) Labels
Product Line: TMT™
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Workflow Step: Protein Labeling
Detection Method: Mass Spectrometry
Final Product Type: Peptide
For Use With (Equipment): Mass Spectrometer
Starting Material: Peptides
Quantity: 1 x 5 mg (/ tag)