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CLA IdentiFiler™ Direct PCR Amplification Kit

Catalog number:  A44661

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The CLA (Cell Line Authentication) IdentiFiler Direct PCR Amplification Kit simplifies the amplification step during authentication of cell lines. The kit enables direct amplification of the same 16 loci included in our AmpFLSTR Identifiler Direct kit, eliminating the need to perform DNA extraction or purification steps for DNA database and other single-source reference samples. Blood or buccal samples on FTA cards can be punched into PCR plates or tubes, and taken directly to PCR amplification, without reduction in data quality. Samples collected using a Buccal DNA Collector or other non-FTA substrate can be processed without heat incubation or additional workflow steps using Prep-n-Go Buffer (available separately). The CLA Identifiler kit includes GeneScan 600 LIZ Size Standard v2.0, a five-dye-labeled, high-density size standard for the reproducible sizing of fragment analysis data.

Features of the CLA IdentiFiler Direct PCR Amplification Kit include:
• 5-dye, 16-locus STR analysis kit compatible with all cell line databasing loci standards
• Improved version of legacy AmpFLSTR Identifiler Direct kit
• Size standard included for ease of purchase
• Compatible with SeqStudio, 3730/xL, and 3500/xL genetic analyzers

Cell line authentication using short tandem repeat (STR) analysis kits can be used both for human sample authentication (HSA) and mixed sample analysis (MSA). In HSA, there is a need to verify the DNA profile of the sample to check for sample cross-contamination or sample mix-up, or to perform a quality check. For MSA there is a need to deconvolute the presence of multiple contributors in a sample (chimerism) through identification of multiple DNA genotypes in the sample.

For Cell Line Authentication Use excluding, Forensic, Paternity, Diagnostic, and Therapeutic applications.


Genotyping Target: SNPs (Unknown or Numerous)
Product Line: Identifiler™ Direct
Shipping Condition: Wet Ice
Technique: SNP Genotyping (Fragment Analysis-Based), STR (Short Tandem Repeat) Analysis
No. of Reactions: 200 Reactions
Product Type Specs: Direct PCR Amplification Kit
Species: Human
Sufficient For: 200 Reactions

Contents & storage

• AmpFLSTR Identifiler Direct PCR Amplification Kit, store at -5 to -30°C
• GeneScan 600 LIZ Size Standard v2.0, store at 2–8°C