Ion Torrent™

Genexus™ Total RNA Purification Kit

Catalog number: A45541
Ion Torrent™

Genexus™ Total RNA Purification Kit

Catalog number: A45541
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The Ion Torrent Genexus Total RNA Purification Kit for the Genexus Purification System is a set of consumables that enables sequential, automated extraction and quantitation of total RNA from various specimen types, including whole blood, fresh/frozen tissue (e.g., spleen, pancreas), peripheral blood leukocytes (PBL/buffy coat), bone marrow, and cell lysates (e.g., BMMC, PBMC, cell lines). This kit supports four runs of up to 12 samples each, utilizing the proven MagMAX technology for extraction and Qubit technology for post-extraction nucleic acid quantitation. Use this kit in conjunction with the Genexus Multisample DNA Purification Kit for comprehensive nucleic acid extraction from the same sample(s).

Features of the Genexus FFPE DNA and RNA Purification Kit include:
• Achieve consistent extraction results with MagMAX technology
• Reduce hands-on setup time using pre-filled consumables
• Maximize efficiency with automated Qubit quantitation
• Experience rapid turnaround times of as little as two hours from lysate to quantified nucleic acid

Prefilled reagents
The Genexus Purification System consumables are prefilled with most reagents necessary to perform the extraction, so only a few pipetting steps are required per sample to set up the run. Simply remove the foil seal, add enzymes and your samples, then place the consumables onto the instrument.

Two output types: archive plate and NGS-ready output plate
After extraction, all nucleic acids are transferred directly to an archive plate and kept cool for up to one hour after run completion. The 48‐well nucleic acid archive plate is barcoded to facilitate tracking of sample extractions across several stored archive plates.

When the Genexus Purification System is connected to the Genexus Integrated Sequencer and run as part of an integrated workflow, a predefined aliquot of each extracted nucleic acid is transferred from the archive plate to an NGS-ready 96‐well nucleic acid output plate, which serves as the sample input to the Genexus Integrated Sequencer.


Pre-filled Reagent Plates
Sample Type
Bone Marrow, Cell Lysates (ex. BMMC, PBMC, cell lines), Peripheral Blood Leukocytes, Tissue (Fresh or Frozen), Whole Blood
For Use With (Equipment)
Genexus™ Purification System
For Use With (Application)
Next Generation Sequencing
No. of Reactions
Purified, quantified Total RNA
Purification Method
MagMax™ bead-based purification
Shipping Condition
Workflow Step
Sample Purification and Quantification