Freedom™ ExpiCHO-S™ Kit

Catalog number: A46847

Freedom™ ExpiCHO-S™ Kit

Catalog number: A46847
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The Gibco Freedom ExpiCHO-S Kit, co-developed with ProBioGen AG, is an easy-to-use, beginning-to-end product, for the cloning and expression of recombinant proteins in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO)-derived suspension culture. The Freedom ExpiCHO-S Kit includes components for transfection, expression, clone creation, and stable cell line selection, all in a conveniently packaged kit. The kit also delivers high titers and offers simplified commercial licensing options.

Features of the Freedom ExpiCHO-S Kit include:
• Seamless transition from transient to stable clones—all in one cell line
• Regulatory-friendly cGMP-banked cells
• Dual vector system that provides ability to control heavy- to light-chain ratios
• Ability to achieve titers of 3–5 g/L in fed batch cultures
• Short development timeline with <5 months needed to go from gene of interest to clone
• Access to technical support and consultation
• Flexible, royalty-free commercial licensing options

Seamless transition from transient to stable clones
Start development utilizing ExpiCHO-S cells in your transient workflow. And when ready, utilize the same cell line for your stable workflow. Staying in the same cell line helps reduce timelines and risk, while ensuring consistent product quality throughout development.

Commercial licensing that is simple, flexible, and without royalties
The Freedom ExpiCHO-S Kit provides the licensing flexibility you need throughout development of the process. With purchase of the kit, you are granted the research-use rights that you or your CRO need to develop a stable cell line. When ready to move into the clinic, a simple licensing structure is available without the burden of royalties or multiple milestone payments. For more information regarding licensing, email

Consistency in productivity
With the ability to achieve titers of 3–5 g/L in fed batch cultures, the Freedom ExpiCHO-S Kit provides an easy-to-use solution to help achieve your cell culture goals. The dual vector system provides more control, allowing modification of the ratio of heavy chain to light chain used. Using our fast and efficient workflow enables you to move from transfection to lead clone in as little as five months. Scalable into bioreactors, the Freedom ExpiCHO-S Kit has been shown to consistency produce over 60 passages, providing consistent production.

Access to Gibco Freedom kit technical support
Our Field Application scientists are experts with broad experience in cell culture, process optimization, and troubleshooting and are available to help support you throughout the process. To be connected with one of our Field Application scientists, contact your account manager or email for more information.

Additional information
If you need additional information, please email our support team at


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Cell Line
ExpiCHO-S cells, cGMP Banked
Expression System
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Protein Production, Stable Cell Line Development
1 Kit

Contents & Storage

• Gibco ExpiCHO Expression Medium, 2–8°C, protect from light
• ExpiCHO-S cells (cGMP-banked), liquid nitrogen
• One Shot TOP10 Chemically Competent E. coli, –80°C
• Freedom pCHO 3.0 Expression vectors, –5 to –20°C


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