Countess™ 3 Automated Cell Counter + ABRC Extended Warranty

Catalog number:  A49891

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Cell Counting, Viability, & Cryopreservation

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The Countess 3 Automated Cell Counter is a benchtop cell counting system equipped with an advanced machine-learning algorithm, ruggedized optics, fully-automated focus and lighting, and image analysis software for rapid assessment of primary and immortalized cell samples

Accurate—eliminates the subjectivity of manual cell counting and user-to-user variability
Fast—counts live and dead cells, measures viability, and reports average cell size with a single touch in about 20 seconds
Convenient—requires no cleaning or routine maintenance; flush-mounted high-resolution capacitive touchscreen and simple user interface provide quick startup, require minimal training, and offer automatic saving of data to USB or cloud

The Countess 3 Automated Cell Counter works in two simple steps:
1. Mix 10 µL of sample with 10 µL of trypan blue and pipet into a disposable Countess chamber slide.
2. Insert the slide into the instrument. Rapid Capture and Auto-Save modes allow cell counting with a single touch. Focus, lighting, and file saving are executed automatically.

Get accurate cell counts
The Countess 3 Automated Cell Counter uses trypan blue staining combined with auto-focus and lighting driven by a machine-learning image analysis algorithm to obtain accurate cell and viability counts. The measurement range extends from 1 × 104 to 1 × 107 cells/mL (the optimal range is 1 × 105 to 4 × 106 cells/mL), which is broader than that of a hemocytometer.

Transfer data and images to your PC or cloud
Using the USB port on the Countess 3 Automated Cell Counter and any USB drive, you can save your cell count results and images and transfer them to your PC. (For your convenience, a USB drive and WiFI dongle are supplied with the Countess 3 instrument).

ABRC Extended Warranty
Keep your cell counter up and running with an extended warranty that covers all costs for shipping, parts, and labor for repairs. Learn more about our AB Repair Center (ABRC) service plan ’

For Research Use Only


Dimensions: 9 in. (228.6 mm) W x 5.5 in. (139.7 mm) D x 9 in. (228.6 mm) W
Display: LCD 1280 x 800 pixels
For Use With: Trypan Blue, Countess Chamber Slides, and Reusable Slide
Memory: Onboard & USB drive
Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC
Product Type: user-installed automated cell counter
Shipping Condition: ambient
Weight: 8 lb., 3.6 kg
Detection Method: Brightfield
Product Line: Countess™
Certifications/Compliance: RoHS
Includes: Power supply, disposable & reusable slide holders, USB drive, 1 Box disposable chamber slides
Light Source: Brightfield