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SpeciMAX™ Dx Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit

Catalog number: A51023
Thermo Scientific™

SpeciMAX™ Dx Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit

Catalog number: A51023
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A51023100 kits
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The Thermo Scientific SpeciMAX Dx Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit is intended for the collection and preservation of saliva specimens in the presence of healthcare professionals as an aid in nucleic acid-based polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for in vitro diagnostic purposes.The individual single-use peel-pouch kit comes with an easy-to-use spill-resistant funnel, an automation-friendly saliva collection tube, and a screw cap to secure the sample after collection. The SpeciMAX Dx saliva collection tube is pre-filled with 1 mL of stabilization agent for virus inactivation, and it integrates easily into automatic processing and analysis workflows that are part of high-throughput diagnostic testing.

Features of the SpeciMAX Dx Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit include:
• Inactivation of common respiratory viruses
• Stabilization solution that preserves gDNA, RNA, and viral nucleic acid in saliva samples
• Nonhazardous stabilization solution that is compatible with all disinfection protocols—no reaction with bleach (no guanidinium or ethanol)
• Barcoded, standardized tubes and caps that fit automated workflows
• Instrumental in high-throughput diagnostic testing

Virus inactivation of common respiratory viruses
The lipid membrane of enveloped viruses is the most vulnerable part of the virus as it is needed for cellular attachment and resulting infection of its host. The SpeciMAX stabilization agent targets this lipid component to inactivate enveloped viruses and medium-resistance unenveloped respiratory viruses through irreversible interaction with highly ordered capsid proteins needed for infection.

Sample storage
The SpeciMAX stabilization agent preserves nucleic acid in saliva samples at ambient temperature for the following lengths of time:
• gDNA: 6 months
• RNA: 30 days
• Viral nucleic acid: 30 days

Refrigeration or freezing the stabilized saliva samples is not recommended as precipitation of the stabilization agent has downstream effects.

The SpeciMAX Dx Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit includes a non-hazardous, virus-inactivating stabilization agent that is compatible with all disinfection protocols. There is no reaction with bleach as it does not contain guanidinium or ethanol. See Letters to Health Care Providers – Transport Media Safety Risk at

Easy to use
Each SpeciMAX Dx Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit comes ready to use in individually packaged easy-peel blister pouches. To use the kit, the saliva donor follows four easy steps:
1. Remove and save the cap, then attach the funnel securely to the collection tube.
2. Fill saliva to the 2.0 line (not including bubbles).
3. Unscrew and discard the funnel (do not reuse).
4. Secure the cap on the tube, then mix by inverting the tube five times.
(See figure below for pictorial instructions.)

For best results, saliva donors should be instructed to refrain from eating, drinking, using tobacco products, or chewing gum for at least 30 minutes for best results. Saliva donors should allow saliva to pool in their mouths and then drool the saliva into the top of the funnel affixed to the saliva collection device. Consider the liquid portion of the saliva, not the bubbles, when determining if enough saliva has been collected.

Automation processing for high-throughput diagnostic testing
Clinical laboratories can streamline the process from collection to automation by eliminating manual saliva transfers with the SpeciMAX kits that fit directly into automation sample racks. The SpeciMAX saliva collection tube integrates seamlessly into high-throughput laboratory workflows using the barcodes provided for each collection tube. Laboratory staff will be free to perform higher value or higher complexity tasks such as analyses and results generation.

In addition, the small-sized SpeciMAX saliva collection tube with stabilization solution makes biospecimen storage and transportation at room temperature (15–30°C) possible.

Viral nucleic acid extraction workflow
Users can extract viral RNA and DNA from human saliva samples using Thermo Scientific KingFisher purification instruments with Applied Biosystemsthe MagMAX Viral/Pathogen II Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit (Cat. No. A48383; saliva-specific extraction protocols approved for CE-IVD and US IVD), Applied BiosystemsQuantStudio real-time PCR systems and assays, and QuantStudio Design and Analysis Software.

This product contains components that are manufactured under a license from Isohelix, a division of Cell Projects Limited.


Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit
For Use With (Application)
For In Vitro Diagnostic Use
Virus inactivating and nucleic stabilization solution (1 mL) pre-filled saliva collection tube, cap, and funnel
100 Kits
Shelf Life
2 years
Storage Requirements
Store at 15°C to 30°C
Volume (Metric)
6 mL

Contents & Storage

• Virus inactivating and nucleic stabilization solution (1 mL)
• Pre-filled saliva collection tube, cap, and funnel

Store at 15&°C to 30°C.