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Oncomine™ BCR Pan-Clonality Assay (IGH, IGK, IGL, KDE/Cint- FR3-J), DNA

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The Oncomine BCR Pan-Clonality Assay is a targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) assay for detection of B-cell heavy and light chain diversity to measure clonal expansion/contraction with accuracy and for detection of rare clones with high sensitivity. Primers have been specifically designed to target the FR3-J region of the IGH, IGK, and IGL rearrangements, as well as KDE and Cint-containing rearrangements. Through the use of Ion AmpliSeq technology, sequencing of all three chains of the B-cell receptor occurs in a single reaction. When combined with Ion Reporter Software, data can be easily analyzed and reports created within a short period of time.

Key features of the Oncomine BCR Pan-Clonality Assay:
• Sequencing of CDR3 region of IGH, IGK, and IGL chains, including kappa deletion element and C-intron
• Reduced secondary testing—Ion AmpliSeq technology enables single reaction to sequence all three chains
• Detect rare clones at LOD of 10-6
• Optimized Oncomine informatics pipeline for easy, all-inclusive analysis and publication-ready data plots

This product provides reagents for library construction and includes dNTPs. The 96-reaction kit additionally comes with sample barcodes. Ion AmpliSeq libraries can be generated from DNA extracted from FFPE tissue, fresh/frozen tissue, bone marrow, whole blood, peripheral blood leukocytes, PBMCs, and sorted B cells with as little as 50 ng of nucleic acid. The assay is optimized for sequencing on the Ion GeneStudio S5 System with the Ion 530, Ion 540, and Ion 550 chips to enable up to 24 samples per run.

When the primary test isn’t enough
Often when the desired results are not achieved with a primary test, an assay designed with primers directed to different regions of the V(D)J region can be used as a secondary or follow-up test to improve sensitivity of detection. An assay containing a mix of primer sequences targeting the three immunoglobulin chains and KDE and Cint region of B-cells in a single reaction reduces the need for secondary testing in hard-to-sequence samples. Where needed, secondary clonality testing of samples can be achieved using the Oncomine IGH FR3(d)-J and Oncomine IGH FR2-J assays.


Quantity: 96 reactions
Libraries: targeted sequencing
Sequencing Type: Genome & DNA Sequencing
Starting Material: DNA
For Use With (Application): Sequencing
For Use With (Equipment): GeneStudio

Contents & storage

• Oncomine BCR Pan-Clonality Panel
• dNTP mix
• Ion AmpliSeq Library Plus Kit
• Ion Torrent Dual Barcode Kit 1-96

All components stored at -10 to -30°