Attune™ CytPix™ Flow Cytometer, blue/violet

Catalog number: A51841
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Attune™ CytPix™ Flow Cytometer, blue/violet

Catalog number: A51841
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The Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer combines bright-field images with high sensitivity and precision flow cytometry in a small footprint and is simple to use at any experience level. Designed and developed to work with the range of Attune family accessories, the Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer offers a variety of optical configuration options depending on your application needs so you can perform your multicolor analysis with the addition of images to aid in quality control of samples and data analysis.

Features of the Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer include:
• 35,000 event/sec of flow cytometry data (+10% coincidence rates)
• Maximum electronic speed of 65,000 events/sec for flow cytometry data
• Imaging of up to 5000 events/sec depending on image frame size
• Understand more about the quality of your cells with improved data
• Analyze small or limited samples quickly
• Efficiently run traditionally long assays
• Eliminates manual image review to increase analysis throughput
• More than 25 label-free image-based parameters to inform gating strategy
• Image processing features provides population level statistics, image-based particle enumeration, and quantitative measurements

Unlike other image-enhanced flow cytometers, the Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer enables you to translate the images into data. The images are analyzed to provide distinct measurements such as particle count, size, shape, and surface complexity for each event. This enables you to gain unique insights, achieve higher accuracy, and feel confident in your analysis.

The Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer is ideal for anyone interested in high quality flow cytometry data combined with deeper, more insightful information on cell morphology, cell health, and overall sample quality.

Fast flow cytometry and imaging
The innovative combination of acoustic focusing technology coupled with traditional hydrodynamic focusing results in acquisition of flow data at speeds up to 10X faster than other flow cytometers. Additionally, acoustic focusing places cells closer to the focal plane for the high-speed camera, meaning there is no need to compromise on flow rate when acquiring traditional flow cytometry data sets. This helps reduce the time to obtain results.

Automated image processing and analysis
Thousands of high resolution bright-field images are rapidly analyzed by pre-trained machine learning models to interpret image characteristics into extended parameters. Rapid image processing is conducted in a user-defined queue where you can adjust processing speed and choose specific samples. You can correlate morphology with cell phenotypes in a quantitative way using traditional flow cytometry analysis without changing your protocol. The image-based measurements are displayed as parameters dot plots or histograms and can be plotted against standard flow cytometry parameters.

Fit for your lab today and in the future
The instrument’s modular design provides the flexibility to help meet future capability needs with a variety of upgrade options. Purchase what you need now and easily upgrade later. The small footprint of the instrument requires minimal bench space and even allows for use in a cell culture biosafety hood.

• Flexible—2 to 4 lasers, 14 colors, and 16 parameters
• Field upgradeable—choose to add additional lasers when you decide
• Customizable band pass filters for expanded fluorochrome choices

Tune into your data
The Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer can be used to easily analyze most samples, including cardiomyocytes. The system is designed with a clog-resistant syringe-driven system to push the sample with a force of up to 75 psi.

• Combined imaging and flow cytometry data without the need to compromise existing protocols
• Flexibility in sample concentrations and sample types
• Elimination of time-consuming concentration steps with No-Wash, No-Lyse Filter Kit
• Analysis of dilute samples, including CSF, stem cells, mouse bone marrow, mouse blood, thin needle aspirates, and other rare event sample types
• Acquisition of a high volume of samples in minimal time
• Quantify physical characteristics of thousands of leukocyte phenotypes with automated image analysis

Superior service and support
Included with the Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer is a planned maintenance visit during the warranty period to maximize instrument uptime. Also included with the Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer is a basic training with a member of our experienced flow cytometry support team to cover use and maintenance of the system.


Tube(s), 384-well plate, 96-well plate
Laser Features
Blue Excitation Laser (488 nm), Violet Excitation Laser (405 nm)
50/60 Hz
Product Line
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
100/240 V

Contents & Storage

• Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer
• Minitower Windows 10 64-bit computer with Attune Cytometric Software
• Power cord with adapters
• USB cable
• Attune Shutdown Solution
• Attune Wash Solution
• Attune Focusing Fluid
• Attune NxT Flow Cell Cleaning Solution
• Attune Performance Tracking Beads
• Quick reference card


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