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SAE Administrator Console Software v2.1

Catalog number: A53717
Thermo Scientific™

SAE Administrator Console Software v2.1

Catalog number: A53717
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SAE Administrator Console Software v2.0 provides security, audit, and electronic signature (SAE) for the Applied Biosystems SeqStudio genetic analyzers. The software supports compliance with guidelines on electronic records security and prevents unauthorized access to the instrument.

Features of this software include:
System security–controls user access to the software. A default Administrator useraccount is provided, and additional user accounts and permissions can be user-defined.
Auditing–tracks actions performed by users and changes to the SAE module settings.The software automatically audits some actions silently. You can select other items forauditing and specify the audit mode. The auditing function provides reports for auditedSAE module changes and actions.
Electronic signature (e-signature)–determines if users are required to provide a username and password when performing certain functions. You can configure e-signature sothat a user can print a report or start a run only if the associated data are signed. You canalso configure each e-signature event to require multiple signatures and to require userswith specific permissions to sign.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line
SeqStudio™ Flex
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Sequencing and Fragment Analysis Software
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Sequencing Instruments (Capillary Electrophoresis-Based)
Product Line
SeqStudio Flex™
Product Type
SAE Administrator Console Software v2.0
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Room Temperature

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The software is provided in the form of a USB stick.