Applied Biosystems™

SeqStudio™ 8 Flex Genetic Analyzer for Human Identification

Catalog number: A56532
Applied Biosystems™

SeqStudio™ 8 Flex Genetic Analyzer for Human Identification

Catalog number: A56532
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Designed using capillary electrophoresis technology trusted by HID labs for over 25 years, the Applied Biosystems SeqStudio 8 Flex Genetic Analyzer for Human Identification with 8-capillary array delivers the flexibility and accuracy your work demands. Innovative capabilities, including a continuously accessible four-plate deck, can help you achieve reliable STR results efficiently. Features such as lab-friendly connectivity and easy, on-instrument training videos can help get you up and running quickly and minimize downtime.

Features of the SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzer for Human Identification include:
Four-plate deck with flexible loading options
Flexible scheduling—continuous plate loading and sample reprioritization
Easy-to-use touchscreen computer with integrated Data Collection software and on-instrument training videos
Results you can trust—optimized data collection software and validated performance with Applied Biosystems STR kits, compatibile with other 5- and 6-dye kits
Reduced pull-up—auto-spectral calibration using sample-specific spectral data reduces pull-up editing
Seamless data interpretation with GeneMapper ID-X Software v1.7
Web-enabled remote monitoring, run setup, and instrument control
Remote troubleshooting for faster issue resolution
Lab friendly connectivity—integrate your instrument into your lab via local area network (LAN), Wi-Fi, USB ports, and LIMS compatibility
Get up and running quickly—every SeqStudio Flex system includes service installation and a one-day HID FAS training
Protection and traceability with an optional security, audit, and e-signature (SAE) software

Increased lab productivity
The SeqStudio 8 Flex Genetic Analyzer for HID is the genetic analyzer for HID fragment analysis and Sanger sequencing that delivers the high-quality data and reliable performance that forensic scientists expect, with design enhancements for improved flexibility, usability, connectivity, and serviceability.

• Accessibility—continuously load plates and reprioritize urgent samples without having to terminate the current run
• Increased walk-away capacity—four plate positions accommodating 8-tube strips and 96-well sample plates
• Work when and where you want—set up your plate and monitor run progress from anywhere using the Thermo Fisher Connect Platform.

• Designed for all levels of experience—simple one-button startup, autocalibration, and onscreen step by-step routine maintenance instructions and onboard self-help training videos
• Simplified capillary array installation—redesigned, more robust arrays with “click-and-slide” retractor tab and enhanced detection cell housing provide improved capillary protection, ease of handling, insertion, and positioning
• Compatibility with Applied Biosystems 3500 Series genetic analyzer buffers and polymers
• Easy inventory management with radio-frequency identification (RFID)–enabled tracking of consumables usage
• No desktop computer required—integrated touchscreen computer, intuitive software, walk-through wizards, and Plate Manager 2.1 Software for simplified plate setup and instrument operation

Integrate the communication technologies and security options of today to propel laboratory efficiencies of tomorrow.
• Connect your way—integrate your instrument via local area network (LAN), Wi-Fi, USB ports, and LIMS compatibility
• Confidently walk away—monitor your run and data via the Connect Platform from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or remote desktop
• Data integrity and compliance—optional security, audit, and electronic signature (SAE) software for an electronic chain of custody

Applied Biosystems instrument innovation continues with additionally included digital service ecosystem for remote troubleshooting.*
• Reduced service visits—70% of issues remotely resolved
• Reduced instrument downtime—remotely resolve issues in minutes, not days, using onboard Smart Help and Remote Support features
• Real-time audio/video collaboration—the Remote Support feature brings our technicians into your laboratory using cutting-edge, security-minded digital tools
• Secure transfer of instrument performance data—send log and run files directly from the instrument with the push of a button using Smart Help

*Connectivity required for Smart Help and Remote Monitoring

Upgrade capabilities when you need them
The SeqStudio 8 Flex Genetic Analyzer can be seamlessly upgraded to a SeqStudio 24 Flex Genetic Analyzer by a field service engineer to provide additional throughput as your workload increases.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Software Type
Data Collection Software, Sequencing and Fragment Analysis
Starting Material
100/240 V


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