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MicroSEQ™ ID Microbial Identification Software v4.0

Catalog number: A56679
Applied Biosystems™

MicroSEQ™ ID Microbial Identification Software v4.0

Catalog number: A56679
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MicroSEQ ID Microbial Identification Software, version 4.0, allows you to easily identify and classify bacterial or fungal sequences by comparing them to a validated microbial library (available separately).

Features of MicroSEQ ID Microbial Identification Software include:
• Automatically identify unknown specimens against a validated microbial library of over 3000 microbial sequences
• Run plates directly on SeqStudio and SeqStudio Flex genetic analyzers
• Equipped with security, audit, and e-signature features to enable 21 CFR Pt. 11 compliance

Automatically identify unknown specimens
Reviewing each specimen in a project file to make a manual identification call can be tedious and time consuming. The Auto-ID feature in MicroSEQ ID software uses a set of editable parameters to automatically identify unknown specimens. The Results table is displayed in the report with an editable Comments field for additional information or manual identification entries.

Run plates directly
SeqStudio and SeqStudio Flex genetic analyzer users can run plates directly via the MicroSEQ ID software user interface. A single software wizard enables you to set up projects, specimens, and plates; adjust the plate layout via drag and drop; start and monitor the run; and review results.

The MicroSEQ system: a complete, integrated solution
Streamlining every microbial identification step, the MicroSEQ system combines the advantages of MicroSEQ ID software with easy-to-use PrepMan Ultra sample preparation reagents and protocols, MicroSEQ bacterial and fungal application kits, and industry-leading thermal cyclers and sequencing systems. To help ensure optimal performance and system-wide integration, we develop and test all components of the system together. MicroSEQ ID software also includes security, audit, and electronic signature features, enabling the software to smoothly integrate into your workflow.

Qualification and validation support
To help ensure seamless integration into your laboratory, from installation to routine operation, we offer comprehensive installation and operational qualification (IQ/OQ) and validation support services.

MicroSEQ ID sequence libraries
MicroSEQ ID sequence libraries (available separately) consist of rigorously validated bacterial and fungal libraries to ensure accurate identification. The libraries contain information on correctly identified organisms and quality-controlled sequences derived from type strains of curated culture collections. The libraries also support sequence polymorphisms and include bacterial Category A biothreat agents.

The MicroSEQ ID 16S rDNA 500 Microbial Library consists of over 2300 500-bp 16S rDNA sequences, including extensive coverage of gram-negative non-fermenters, Bacillus, Coryneforms, Mycobacteria, and Staphylococcus. The entries contain the first 500 bases of the 16S rRNA gene, sufficient to identify bacterial unknowns.

The MicroSEQ ID 16S rDNA Full Gene Library consists of over 2300 complete 16S sequences from bacterial organisms that can be compared to an unknown bacterial sequence.

The MicroSEQ ID Fungal Gene Library contains 1300 reference sequences from the D2 region of the Large Subunit (rDNA) of yeast and mold species against which an unknown yeast or mold sequence can be compared in order to identify the organism.

The MicroSEQ ID 16S rDNA 500 Supplemental Library is a stand-alone library that contains 7,138 16S rDNA public bacterial sequences and extends the size of the MicroSEQ ID 16S rDNA 500 Library to strengthen the identification process when using MicroSEQ ID Microbial Identification Software.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Sequencing Type
Genome and DNA Sequencing
For Use With (Equipment)
SeqStudio Genetic Analyzers, SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzers
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Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10
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MicroSeq™ ID
Product Type
Microbial Identification Software
1 Ea.
Data Collection and Analysis Software


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