APTS (8-Aminopyrene-1,3,6-Trisulfonic Acid, Trisodium Salt)

Catalog number:  A6257

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Protein Biology

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The aromatic amine of APTS (8-aminopyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonic acid, trisodium salt) can be reversibly coupled to aldehydes and ketones to form a Schiff base - which can be reduced to a stable amine derivative by sodium borohydride (NaBH4) or sodium cyanoborohydride (NaCNH3) to form new biotinylated probes.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Chemical Reactivity: Ketone, Aldehyde
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Label Type: Classic Dyes
Label or Dye: Pyrene
Reactive Moiety: Amine, Primary Amine

Contents & storage

Store at room temperature and protect from light.