Thermo Scientific™

Sample Storage Freezer Racks

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Cold Storage

Maximize compact storage of microplates, blocks and tube racks in a cold storage unit or on the benchtop with Thermo Scientific™ Sample Storage Freezer Racks. Our team has a strong reputation for supporting both equipment and consumables, and can determine which sample storage freezer rack is best for your laboratory storage needs.

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Versatile Design

  • Thermo Scientific sample storage freezer racks are available for use with microplates, blocks and storage tube racks up to 70mm tall
  • Twin positioned handles facilitate use in both chest and upright freezers and contents are kept in position during transportation with a locking rod

Secure Storage

  • Maximize bench top space or enable compact storage in your refrigerator or freezer down to -80°C with our freezer racks

Trusted Resource

  • Researchers worldwide protect more than two billion samples inside Thermo Scientific cold storage products
  • With proven equipment including cryopreservation units, storage tubes, capping systems and barcode readers, you're free to concentrate on your work without worrying about your valuable samples