Thermo Scientific™

ALPS5000 Automated Plate Heat Sealer

The Thermo Scientific ALPS5000 is the next generation in plate sealing equipment offering fast sealing times, increased process customization and all electric operation improving reliability and reducing noise.
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  • Electrically Driven with Tool Free Loading
    • No need to connect to an external air source or replace expensive vacuum cups
    • Reduced risk of contamination inherent in pneumatically driven sealers
    • Quieter operation when compared to pneumatically driven systems
    • Tool free loading makes reloading foil simple and repeatable
  • Touchscreen Control and Savable Protocols
    • Scalable to meet labs needs now and into the future
    • Precise control over sealing parameters to ensure repeatability
    • Easily integrated into automation or robotics workflows
  • Sealing of Multiple Plate Heights
    • Seal plates from 8mm to 46mm in height with no adapters required
    • Compatible with high throughput automated applications