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Chemical Preservative Glass Ampoules

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Industrial & Applied Science

Save the time and tedium associated with diluting and aliquoting chemicals for environmental sample preservation by using pre-mixed Thermo Scientific™ Chemical Preservative Glass Ampoules. Our pre-formulated and aliquoted glass ampoules are ready for field use. Just break the ampoule at the pre-scored neck area using the provided “breaker” tool, and pour into the designated sample bottle. Choose from our standard offering or let us custom-fill ampoules according to your personal analytical needs.

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  • Glass ampoule containing a pre-measured aliquot of preservative chemical solution
  • Ampoules are machine-welded closed after filling for a consistent, leak-tight seal
  • Packaged and shipped in compliance with the shipping requirements of 49 CFR Part 173.4 DOT Small Quantities Classification regulations

Ordering Information:

Custom preserved ampoules available by special order:

  • Choose a chemical from our standard chemical list
  • Specify the volume and concentration of chemical per ampoule
  • Certificate of chemical purity available upon request
  • 10 Case minimum order

Products available only in the US and Canada


Preserved ampoule. MSDS available upon request.