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MEGAshortscript™ T7 Transcription Kit

Catalog number:  AM1354

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In Vitro Transcription

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The MEGAshortscript™ T7 Kit is designed for high yields of in vitro- transcribed RNA products, in the 20–500 nucleotide range. Using conventional methods, transcription of small templates often results in low mass yields of RNA. Short transcripts require many more transcription initiation events to synthesize a given mass of product. Since the initiation step is the rate-limiting step in transcription reactions, the yield of product from short templates is often low. The MEGAshortscript™ T7 Kit has been designed to overcome the drawbacks involved in conventional in vitro transcription to maximize the yield of short RNA transcripts.

Advantages of the MEGAshortscript™ Kit:

• Efficiently transcribes small templates (<300 bases) with consistently high yields
• Designed for use with plasmid, synthetic oligonucleotide, or PCR product templates

Note:The MEGAshortscript™ T7 Kit is optimized for use with the T7 polymerase included in the kit. Using a different polymerase may result in low yields.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Format: Kit
Product Type: Transcription Kit
Quantity: 25 Reactions
Promoter: T7
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Starting Material: Linearized DNA, PCR Products, Oligos (DNA)
Product Line: Ambion™, MEGAshortscript™
For Use With (Application): In Vitro Transcription
Final Product Type: In Vitro Transcribed RNA (Short)

Contents & storage

T7 Enzyme Mix, 10X Reaction Buffer, ATP Solution, CTP Solution, GTP Solution, UTP Solution, pTRI-RNA 18S, TURBO DNase, Ammonium Acetate Stop Solution, and Gel Loading Buffer II are all stored at –20°C. Nuclease-free Water may be stored at any temperature.