Silencer™ siRNA Starter Kit

Catalog number: AM1640

Silencer™ siRNA Starter Kit

Catalog number: AM1640
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Perfect for researchers new to RNAi, this Ambion™ kit contains all of the reagents, protocols, and instructions necessary to get underway with siRNA transfection and ensure successful gene knockdown experiments.

• The perfect choice for those beginning siRNA experiments
• Includes transfection agent, siRNAs, and three different systems for assessing knockdown
• For use with human, mouse, and rat cells

The Silencer™ siRNA Starter Kit includes a high-quality, lipid-based transfection agent, siPORT™ NeoFX™, that effectively delivers siRNAs to a broad range of cell lines. It can be used for reverse transfection, a streamlined protocol that eliminates an entire day from the RNAi experimental procedure; it can also be used with standard transfection protocols. This reagent is not sensitive to serum and efficiently transfects low concentrations of siRNA. The kit also includes a well-characterized GAPDH siRNA, which has been shown to strongly down-regulate GADPH in human, mouse, and rat cells, as well as a nontargeting negative control siRNA, Silencer™ Negative Control #1 siRNA. Because GAPDH is ubiquitously expressed and is easy to detect at both the mRNA and protein level, it is an ideal target for a positive control siRNA.

Three Detection Systems
The kit includes three different systems for monitoring GAPDH siRNA-induced knockdown. An anti-GAPDH antibody is provided to assess GAPDH protein levels by western blot or immunofluorescence. The KDalert™ GAPDH Assay is also provided to quickly measure GAPDH enzymatic activity. This assay can also be used to assess cell viability. Finally, RT-PCR primers are included, for real-time quantitative RT-PCR detection of GAPDH mRNA using SYBR™ Green. These reagents can also be used to transfect miRNAs, such as the Ambion™ Pre-miR™ miRNA Precursor Molecules.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Control Type
Negative Control, Positive Control
For Use With (Application)
Label or Dye
SYBR Green
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Silencer™, Ambion™
Product Type
siRNA Starter Kit
1 Kit
RNAi Type
siRNA, miRNA
Sample Type
Synthetic siRNA, miRNA
Transfection Technique
Lipid-Based Transfection

Contents & Storage

Anti-GAPDH Monoclonal Antibody, GAPDH PCR Primers, KDalert™ Lysis Buffer, KDalert™ Solution A, KDalert™ Solution B, and KDalert™ Solution C should be stored at –20°C. GAPDH enzyme, GAPDH siRNA, and Negative Control #1 siRNA should be stored at below –70°C. siPORT™ NeoFX™ Transfection Agent should be stored at 4°C. Nuclease-free water may be stored at any temperature.