MessageAmp™ II-Biotin Enhanced aRNA Amplification Kit

Catalog number:  AM1791

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miRNA & Non-Coding RNA Analysis

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The Ambion® MessageAmp™ II-Biotin Enhanced aRNA Amplification Kit is for the amplification of as little as 50 pg of input RNA for array analysis. The included NTP mix contains biotinylated UTP. The kit includes sufficient reagents for 20 single-round aRNA amplifications.

• Detect more genes due to increased percent present calls
• Obtain sufficient amounts of amplified RNA from a single round of amplification with only 50 ng of input RNA
• Biotinylated nucleotide is included in the optimized NTP mix, reducing setup time and maximizing labeling

Expression profiling using gene arrays has become the most widely used method for assessing gene expression on a genome-wide scale. The primary limitation of this technology is the requirement for large amounts of RNA for array hybridization. This hurdle is usually overcome by using T7 RNA Polymerase–driven transcription of cDNA (obtained from total RNA samples) to amplify sufficient amounts of cRNA. This amplification method is the basis of the MessageAmp™ II-Biotin Enhanced aRNA Amplification Kit.

Improvements for Biotin Labeling
The IVT reaction step of the MessageAmp™ II-Biotin Enhanced Kit procedure has been optimized for effective biotin labeling. An NTP mix containing biotinylated UTP has been added to the kit for ease of use. Other optimizations have increased sensitivity and increased yields so that just 50 ng of input RNA is sufficient to produce enough aRNA for array analysis after just a single round of amplification. These kits do not include enough reagents for two rounds of amplification. If your experiments require two rounds of amplification, you will need to purchase the MessageAmp™ II aRNA Amplification Kit (see below) in addition to the MessageAmp™ II-Biotin Kit.

Accessory Product
The MessageAmp™ II aRNA Amplification Kit (SKU#AM1751)is available should additional reagents be needed for two rounds of aRNA amplification.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Includes Label or Dye: Yes
Labeling Method: Direct Labeling
Product Line: Ambion™, MessageAmp™
Reverse Transcriptase: ArrayScript™
Sample Type: Poly(A+) RNA, Total RNA

Contents & storage

The MessageAmp™ II-Biotin Enhanced aRNA Amplification Kit contains T7 Oligo(dT) Primer, ArrayScript™ RT, RNase Inhibitor,10X First-Strand Buffer, dNTP Mix, Second-Strand Buffer, DNA Polymerase, RNase H, T7 Enzyme Mix, T7 10X Reaction Buffer, Biotin-NTP Mix, and Control RNA (1 mg⁄mL HeLa total RNA) which are all stored at –20°C. The Wash Buffer, cDNA Binding Buffer, aRNA Binding Buffer, 5X Array Fragmentation Buffer, aRNA Filter Cartridges, aRNA Collection Tubes, cDNA Filter Cartridges + Tubes, cDNA Elution Tubes, Nuclease-free Water, and detailed Instruction Manual are stored at room temperature.