MEGAclear™ Transcription Clean-Up Kit

Catalog number:  AM1908

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In Vitro Transcription

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The MEGAclear™ Kit is designed for the quick cleanup of any large-scale transcription reaction. The MEGAclear™ Kit efficiently separates RNA from unincorporated NTPs, enzymes, and buffer components. Advantages of the MEGAclear™ Kit:

• Purifies transcription reactions to produce high-quality RNA, free of unincorporated NTPs, enzymes, and buffer components
• High recovery from 1 ng to 500 µg of input
• Ideal for purification of aRNA amplification reactions, nonisotopically labeled RNA probes, and capped RNA transcripts for oocyte injections
• Quick protocol—purify RNA in less than 30 minutes

Using the MEGAclear™ Kit
The protocol is quick and easy. The transcription reaction is mixed with Binding Solution, passed over an RNA-binding filter, and washed; an elution step releases the purified RNA, which is now ready for any application requiring highly pure synthetic or in vitrotranscribed RNA. For RNA recovery of 70% or greater, single-stranded RNA should be >100 nt and double-stranded RNA should be >200 bp.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Format: Tube(s)
Product Type: Transcription Clean-Up Kit
Quantity: 20 Preps
Yield: 500 µg
High-throughput Compatibility: Not High-throughput Compatible (Manual)
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Starting Material Amount: 1 ng to 500 µg of dsRNA>200b or ssRA>100bp
Product Line: Ambion™, MEGAclear™
For Use With (Application): Nuclease Protection Assays, Northern Blotting
Final Product Type: In Vitro Transcribed RNA (Purified)
For Use With (Equipment): Vacuum Manifold, Centrifuge
Purification Target: In Vitro Transcribed RNA
Sample Type: In Vitro Transcribed RNA, Total RNA
Purification Time: 30 min
No. of Reactions: 20 Preps
Isolation Technology: Silica Spin Column

Contents & storage

Binding Solution, Wash Solution Concentrate, and 5 M Ammonium Acetate are stored at 4°C. Elution Solution can be stored at any temperature, and Filter Cartridges and Collection and Elution Tubes are stored at room temperature.