DNaseAlert™ QC System

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DNA Extraction

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Ambion® DNaseAlert™ QC System is a patent pending technology provides the sensitive detection of DNases in a simple, easy-to-use fluorimetric assay that delivers results in real time. Contains sufficient reagents for 5 × 96 high throughput assays.

• Detect a range of different DNases in minutes
• Certify plastics, enzymes, solutions, and other biomaterials as "DNase-free" prior to DNase-sensitive applications such as PCR
• Combine with RNaseAlert® to quantitatively resolve both RNase and DNase activity simultaneously

The DNaseAlert™ QC System contains a unique DNA substrate tagged with both a fluorescent reporter and a dark quencher. The uncleaved substrate exhibits minimal fluorescence due to the proximity of the fluor and the quencher. When DNases are present, the linkage between the fluor and quencher is severed, which leads to the emission of a bright orange signal upon excitation at the proper wavelength of light. The extent of cleavage of the substrate is proportional to the level of DNase contamination and can be monitored as an increase in fluorescence on a fluorometer.

Fast and Simple Protocol
The DNaseAlert™ QC System protocol is fast and simple. The substrate is reconstituted with TE buffer and then aliquoted into a 96-well plate containing the reaction buffer. Test samples are then added and fluorescence is monitored to determine the results of the assay. Enough substrate is provided for 500 reactions. The DNaseAlert™ QC System also includes both negative and positive controls for accurately identifying contaminated samples. DNaseAlert™ is a kinetically reliable assay. Data can be collected in real time, and the initial velocities are dose-dependent on the amount of input DNase I.

Accessory Product:
DNaseAlert™ was designed to interface seamlessly with the RNaseAlert® QC System (SKU# AM1966) and permit two-color detection of both DNases and RNases in the same sample. The fluorescent reporter linked to the DNaseAlert™ substrate is spectrally distinct from the fluorescent tag on the RNaseAlert® substrate.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Reagent Type: DNase Control Reagent
Form: Lyophilized
Product Line: Ambion™, DNaseAlert™
Product Size: 480 assays
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice

Contents & storage

Store DNaseAlert™,10X NucleaseAlert Buffer, DNase I and TE Buffer pH 7.0 at -20°C. Store RNaseZap®Solution, Non-stick Tubes and Nuclease-free Water at room temperature.


Manuals & protocols