Silencer™ Cy™3-labeled Negative Control No. 1 siRNA

Catalog number:  AM4621

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Ambion® A fluorescently labeled negative control siRNA for the easy monitoring of siRNA uptake by fluorescence microscopy. Purified, annealed, and ready to use, the 5 nmol aliquot is supplied in a stable, dried format.

• Simplifies the monitoring of siRNA delivery
• Functionally tested in several common cell lines
• HPLC purified, duplexed, and ready to use

Visualize siRNA Uptake with Labeled siRNAs
Fluorescent labeled siRNAs allow for the direct observation siRNA cellular uptake, distribution, and localization. Fluorescently labeled siRNAs are commonly used to monitor transfection efficiency during optimization of transfection conditions. In general, siRNAs are rapidly taken up by and distributed throughout cells in as little as 4 hours. Fluorescent labeling of siRNAs allows for rapid monitoring of siRNA delivery by fluorescence microscopy, as opposed to unlabeled siRNAs, whose delivery must be monitored by target gene knockdown. The Silencer® Cy™3 Labeled Negative Control #1 siRNA sequence is identical to that of the Ambion Silencer® Negative Control# 1 siRNA (SKU #AM4611), but with the fluorescein derivative Cy™3 (excitation max. = 547, emission max. = 563 nm), on the 5' end of the sense strand, making it highly fluorescent when excited by the appropriate wavelength of light. Silencer® Cy™3 Labeled Negative Control #1 siRNA is suitable for monitoring siRNA uptake by chemical transfection or electroporation. Cy™3 labeling is recommended over FAM™ labeling when using electroporation because of its brighter fluorescence signal visible over a broader pH range. Electroporation produces a more diffuse siRNA distribution pattern, resulting in a less intense fluorescence signal than with chemical transfection.

Accessory Products:
Silencer® FAM™ Labeled Negative Control #1 siRNA (SKU #AM4620) is also available. Silencer® control siRNAs are unmodified 21-mers; they are designed to be used with Silencer® siRNAs, BLOCK-iT™ siRNAs, and other unmodified 21mer siRNAs. If you are using other siRNA products, such as Ambion® Silencer® Select siRNAs or STEALTH RNAi™ siRNAs, we recommend that you use control siRNAs designed for use with those siRNAs for more reliable experimental results.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Control Type: Negative Control
Label or Dye: Cy™3
RNAi Type: siRNA
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Product Line: Silencer™, Ambion™

Contents & storage

The siRNA is provided dried down in a single tube, along with Nuclease-free Water for resuspension, and should be stored at –20°C.