Silencer™ GAPDH siRNA (human, mouse, rat)

Catalog number:  AM4624

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Ambion® Silencer® GAPDH Positive Control siRNA (human, mouse, rat) is ideal for developing and optimizing siRNA experiments. The control is validated for use in human, mouse, and rat cell lines. 5 tubes of 40 nmol each are provided.
• Validated siRNA controls for optimizing siRNA experiments
• Functionally tested in several common cell lines
• HPLC purified, duplexed, and ready to use Silencer® control siRNAs are unmodified 21-mers; they are designed to be used with Silencer® siRNAs, BLOCK-iT™ siRNAs, and other unmodified 21mer siRNAs. If you are using other siRNA products, such as Ambion® Silencer® Select siRNAs or STEALTH RNAi™ siRNAs, we recommend that you use control siRNAs designed for use with those siRNAs for more reliable experimental results.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Control Type: Gene Knockdown Positive Control
Label or Dye: Unconjugated
RNAi Type: siRNA
Target Gene: GAPDH
Quantity: 5nmol
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Product Line: Silencer™, Ambion™

Contents & storage

Store at or below -20°C. Do not store in a frost-free freezer.