Leukemia (K-562) Total RNA

Catalog number:  AM7832

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RNA Extraction

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The highest-quality RNA available from Ambion®, it is DNase-treated and subjected to unsurpassed quality control standards. One tube containing 100 µg is provided at a concentration of 1 mg/mL. Intactness of mRNA, genomic DNA contamination, presence/absence of enzymatic inhibitors, and ribosomal RNA contamination in poly(A) preparations are all important aspects used to judge the quality of FirstChoice® RNAs. The samples are processed using Ambion® RNA isolation reagents to produce highly pure, intact RNA. A stringent DNase treatment is performed to ensure that the RNA is ready for use in any downstream application, including RT-PCR. Note: While it is impossible to remove every DNA molecule from an RNA sample, each preparation is tested to ensure that any residual DNA contamination is insignificant. The integrity of the RNA is verified by capillary electrophoresis using the Agilent® 2100 bioanalyzer.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Sample Type: Total RNA
Species: Human
Cell Line: K-562
Sample Source: Cell Line
Sample Treatment: DNase-Treated
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Product Line: Ambion™

Contents & storage

Store at or below -70°C. Avoid multiple freeze–thaw cycles. Aliquots of the product may be stored short-term at -20°C. DO NOT STORE IN FROST-FREE FREEZER.