Thermo Scientific™

DDG3 Digital Density Gauge

Accurately measure the density or percent solids of a liquid or slurry in a pipe for any application with the Thermo Scientific™ DDG3 Digital Density Gauge. Now with latest controller and communication protocols options, this non-intrusive, non-contact nuclear density gauge is suitable for applications containing a high temperature, highly toxic or highly corrosive process and helps to ensure accurate process control and optimum productivity in industries including mining processing, petrochemical, coal operations, food processing, water treatment, dredging, and pulp and paper.
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  • Non-intrusive density measurement
  • Microprocessor electronics and highly sensitive detectors ensure reliability and accuracy
  • Rugged construction for the harshest of application environments
  • Sensitive scintillation detectors ensuring the use of low strength isotopes
  • User friendly menu ensures easy set-up and calibration
  • Can be used on installed pipes up to 1000 mm (39 in)
  • Auto source decay compensation


  • Process Control
  • Plant mass balance
  • Thickener underflow
  • Cyclone and spiral feed control
  • Concentration determination
  • Quality control
  • Flotation feed control