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Celleste Image Analysis Software provides a comprehensive suite of image analysis and visualization tools in a format designed for usability and efficiency. Celleste software offers powerful image visualization and analysis functionalities with point-and-click simplicity. Coupled with the intuitive interface and image acquisition capabilities of the EVOS microscopes, Celleste software allows you to seamlessly capture, save, process, measure, and analyze your images and create data.

Celleste Image Analysis Software offers you these important advantages:

• Streamlined workflow tools that make it easy to visualize and edit images
• Highly flexible and comprehensive image processing and enhancement functions
• Powerful image analysis capabilities for segmentation, classification, and quantification of single images or a batch of images
• A range of functions to create reports and share images and data

Process and analyze
After image acquisition, immediately apply a suite of image processing and enhancement functions with a few clicks of a mouse. Use auto-alignment for overlays and remove background to reveal critical details with a wide range of filters. Once satisfied with the results from one image, apply the same steps to a set of time-lapse images, scans, or results from different treatments.

Measure and quantify
Easily measure and analyze your images with a variety of measurement tools such as distance, region, angles, and area. The ability to identify an object in time-lapse experiments can be used to track cell movement or migration. This feature is particularly powerful in combination with the EVOS Onstage Incubator that allows continuous monitoring of cells under controlled environmental conditions.

Count and classify
Using a number of manual and automatic measurement tools, easily count and characterize cells and subcellular objects based on area, length, shape, and light intensity. Flexible segmentation tools allow you to label images based on color or intensity level. After object counting, sort and display counted images based on size and other parameters.

Report and share
Upon completing the image analysis, a suite of annotation and reporting tools allow you to create presentation-ready image and data reports with a few clicks, and to share them with others in PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel format.

Celleste software is a comprehensive solution that helps make your imaging research job easier and helps increase your productivity. With the proven usability of EVOS microscopes, you now have the tools that make it easy to capture, process, measure, analyze, and share your important images and data.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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• Celleste Image Analysis Software dongle
• Quick Start Guide