Celleste™ GPU Acceleration Module for 3D Deconvolution, network license (includes one seat)

Catalog number: AMEP4919

Celleste™ GPU Acceleration Module for 3D Deconvolution, network license (includes one seat)

Catalog number: AMEP4919
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AMEP49191 controller
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The Celleste 3D Deconvolution GPU Acceleration Module, network license (includes one seat), helps perform 3D deconvolution and analysis in a fraction of the time by utilizing the graphics processing unit (GPU) of your EVOS PC or workstation. It also helps enable the processing of thousands of voxels at once for faster processing speed, increased performance, and better response times. A single-user license is also available (Cat. No. AMEP4876). This module is used in conjunction with the Celleste 6.0 Image Analysis Software (Cat. No. AMEP4941), a full-feature image analysis suite designed for biological applications.

Celleste 6 Image Analysis with the GPU Acceleration Module offers you these important advantages:
• Icon-based wizard-driven workflow streamlines image analysis and eliminate guesswork
• Preconfigured and optimized analysis templates for common applications help derive the most relevant results from image sets
• Wide range of report formats to visualize results, create reports and share images and data
• Optional modules for 2D and 3D deconvolution, 3D visualization and 3D analysis available to meet your specific needs
• GPU-accelerated deconvolution to increase performance and reduce the time to results
• Clear images in a fraction of the time with CPU-based processing

More about the deconvolution
Deconvolution is an algorithm-based process used to restore systematic loss of image contrast (blur) that results from the image point spread function (PSF). The powerful 2D and 3D restoration algorithms available in the Celleste modules allow you to deconvolve your images to enhance contrast and quality, or to visualize them in Z, over time and by channel, then analyze the resulting image using an expanded tool set.

Celleste 6.0 software is a powerful image analysis solution that helps make your imaging research job easier and increases your productivity by seamlessly providing images and accurate data. Coupled with the powerful image acquisition capabilities of the EVOS microscopes, you now have the tools that make it easy to capture, process, measure, analyze, and share your important images and data more effectively than ever.


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EVOS M5000, EVOSM7000 and Other Imaging Systems

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Celleste 3D Deconvolution GPU Acceleration Module Card for Network License