EVOS™ Vessel Holder/Adapter for Automated Stage, multi-well plates

Catalog number:  AMEPVH023

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Cellular Imaging

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EVOS vessel holders allow a perfect fit of your microscope slide, cell culture flask or dish, or micro-well plate to the stage of the EVOS imaging systems for increased precision in sample alignment. This particular vessel holder serves two functions: it holds multi-well plates (w = 128.2 mm, h = 86.2 mm) and also acts as an adapter for the standard vessel holders (cat numbers AMEPVH001 thru AMEPVH018). This vessel holder/adapter is specific for the automated stage of the EVOS FL Auto Imaging System. It is just one of many easy-to-change vessel holders and stage plates available for this instrument platform. With a snug and secure fit, yet readily switched, these accessories make imaging samples in a range of vessel holders convenient and easy.

For additional choices, see the EVOS Guide to Vessel Holders and Stage Plates.
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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: EVOS™
Quantity: 1 holder
Product Type: Intermediate plate for Automated stage
For Use With (Equipment): EVOS® XL Core Imaging System, EVOS® FL Color Imaging System, EVOS® XL Imaging System, EVOS® FL Imaging System, EVOS® FL Auto Imaging System