AnStat-330 Online Sampling and Elemental Analysis Station

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Cement, Coal, Minerals
Achieve exceptional availability, sampling precision, and analyzer accuracy with a single stream, dedicated online slurry analyzer and sampling station. The Thermo Scientific™ AnStat-330 Online Sampling and Elemental Analysis Station incorporates multiple stages to progressively sub-sample the slurry stream before delivering metallurgical accounting quality composite samples through a final stage metallurgical sampler. The dedicated and continuous in-stream analysis allows operators to quickly respond to process upsets and changing conditions.

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The AnStat-330 Online Sampling and Elemental Analysis Station provides composite samples for metallurgical accounting while providing online elemental analysis. The AnStat-330 analyzer provides minute-by-minute elemental assays for the slurry stream. It does not suffer from sample transport and stream cycle time delays and  cross contamination associated with multiplexed analyzer systems. Instead, the dedicated and continuous in-stream analysis of the most critical process streams allows operators or expert systems to control the process and quickly respond to process upsets and changing conditions.

Options for additional process functionality, including distribution and pebble screening, make the AnStat-330 analyzer a versatile and compact solution that can address multiple needs.


  • Advanced energy dispersive X-ray detector that does not require liquid nitrogen cooling
  • Faster assay update rate
  • Continuous minute by minute analysis
  • High availability
  • Low maintenance
  • Accurate and reliable


  • Pebble screen to reject oversized particles in the first stage tank
  • Outlet distributor to divide the slurry flow into two or more separate streams with variable flow volume percentages
  • Reverse flow sampler for particle size analysis to provide the ideal sampling conditions for particle size analysis

Recommended for:

  • Flotation circuit monitoring
  • Tailings losses
  • Concentrate grades
  • Key impurity levels
  • Head grade variations
  • Feed control

Can be used to optimize:

  • Reagent dosage
  • Flotation air
  • Water balanced flows
  • Feed tonnage
  • Sampling accuracy
  • Process control
  • System availability


Ordering information:

All systems are configured to customer specifications; contact your Thermo Scientific Sales Representative for details.



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