Thermo Scientific™

Integrating Sphere for Antaris™ II for Antaris FT-NIR

Thermo Scientific™ Integrating Sphere for Antaris II FT-NIR analyzes powders and solids quickly and reproducibly by nondestructive diffuse reflection. The high efficiency of the Antaris II integrating sphere design results in increased sensitivity, more robust calibrations and greater sample-to-sample repeatability.
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  • Easy, non-destructive analysis of samples in plastic bags, scintillation vials, reagent bottles and sample cups
  • Flexiblity to analyze unprocessed samples directly on the integrating sphere window
  • Collects over 95% of the diffusely reflected NIR energy—standard diffuse reflectance accessories and dispersive detector arrays collect less than 50%
  • Auto-referencing for error-free automated background collections and validation using internal gold reference